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Jul 19, 2024, 09:26:32 PM

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she wont let me see him

Started by iwantmyson, Dec 03, 2003, 12:01:24 PM

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My name is erik murray sr, I was there when my son was born I even named him, every thing was great for the first month and a half of his life. me and the mother started to have problems so I decided to break things off with her but I told her I wanted to maintain a relationship with my son, I love him so much. However because I broke things off with her she has refused to let me see him for the last month and a half. All I have now is the pictures from when he was born and the ones she sent me shortly after. I am sad every day and often depressed the only thing I care about is seeing my son. If I had the money I would hire a lawyer to get visitation but right now I just don't have the money, I just recently lost my full time job and am earnestly seeking full time employment, I do have a part time job as a Pianist at  a local Church and could pay a lawyer if a payment plan was worked out. Someone please help me, please!


See Tips for Getting Started at http://www.deltabravo.net/news/10-19-2000.htm .


Ooooh, just a baby too...It must be really hard for you...Take the above advice to get started and know you can come here to vent or ask advice anytime...


ty so much for responding, all I want is to see my son I would give my left arm to see him. I was supposed to click on that link right??


can you please help me a lil more there are so many paces to click, I am overwhelmed. It's very hard especiall after he was here every day and then snatched away from me like he was killed, that's what it feels like sometimes. I would like your e-mail address so I can send you apicture of him and I, the last ones we took together


Yes, click on that link and that should guide you through...I am new here too, so I'm still learning...