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Jul 18, 2024, 03:28:43 AM

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Still Disconnected....

Started by wallyworld85, Dec 05, 2003, 04:11:21 AM

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My ex's phone in FL is still disconnected.  She will no longer answer her  cell phone.  I haven't spoken to my daughter in almost two weeks now.  My ex still hasn't signed the agreement so it looks as if it will be another xmas without my daughter.  I am guessing that my ex is going to stall till right after xmas so she can have her for xmas.  My oringal papers do not give me any extended time; however, they do state I get her for xmas day.  I cannot follow it though because obviously im 1500 miles away one way and I have an infant son here that I would like to spend xmas with also.  Its not fair because she has nothing to lose becase there is a stip that says child support increase will date back to OCT 1 .  But of course I will get no makeup visitation.


Wally - this is TERRIBLE!  I can't recall if you have phone visitation - do you?  Is there ANYthing your attorney can do to contact this "woman" for you?  Is there a time frame within which she is supposed to sign the agreement?  I mean there must be SOME sort of time-frame!  Otherwise every Joe, Sally and Jr. would procrastinate the signing of agreements forever!

This is not only unfair, it places a huge amount of stress on you and your family concerning the holidays.

This makes me downright MAD!