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Jul 17, 2024, 10:01:41 AM

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Do we have a shot at supervised visits....be kind???

Started by Kkisum, Dec 11, 2003, 07:24:09 AM

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Do we have a shot at supervised visits on these grounds?

Mother has been absent for 18 months.

Mother refuses to give physical address and landline to where she lives, repeatedly.

How about a home study/inspection? Are those hard to get ordered or just the matter of a request? We dont like the fact that she adamantly refuses to tell us where she is living or if she moves [like she has something to hide]. Most of the time she is mooching off of friends [thus the reason for all the frequent move].

Indigo Mom

I don't know about a home inspection, but I think a GAL is much needed on this case.  The GAL can go to both houses, and can also get supervised visitation ordered.


Need more info , Are you the custodial or non custodial parent ?
  are You talking about her having supervised visits ?
    what state

Basically wash state,  It is normal to appoint a Guardian ad Litem on behalf of minor child ,
    Or just go get a parenting plan and file a proposed parenting plan , She has to be served and the court and a copy for you , I think you are confused at the beginning , But don't be You just need to get a parenting plan in order, then she will be likely to make up a story ,then thats where the GAL comes in , But you need to post your state and more basic info ,
   who has the kids ? is there a parenting plan ? if there is a parenting plan is the provision about move away in it ? If there is a moveaway provision then did she violate it ? theres a few basic things, sooo Now try posting again


My husband is the custodial parent with sole custody. SHe has liberal and frequent visit as agreed upon. We live in FL state. We also most definitely want to get a home study completed.


Please be more informative it will help people to answer , But I figure it out [I think) ??? You are the custodial parent/ step parent . the mother is irresponcible floating around ,, Is there a prenting plan in place? If there is read it , in Wash state they all say the moving parent is to keep the other parent informed of the move bla blah !!!  If so you could file contempt , Or file for a modification of the parenting plan , then [wash] the judge would be likely to do nothing untill there was a guardian ad litem appointed , and a report filed , Try posting on soc's board ,the other thing could be contempt of the parenting plan , then mabe a motion to compel , so you may have to have a process server serve her at the transfer , then get her ass in court to tell where she lives , maybe consult with a couple atty's , MAKE SURE you select an atty!!!