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Jul 17, 2024, 09:08:02 AM

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Kids staying overnite where?

Started by Wabo, Jan 14, 2004, 02:26:08 AM

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I was recently awarded Primary physical Custody of my 3 children and ex-wife has weekends twice a month, but she says where she lives (where the kids will be staying) is none of my business??? It's not written in the order but the judge told her to tell me ezactly where she would be and what they would be doing. Do I have to let the kids go if I don't know where they are going? The county she lives in is a 2 hour drive but no idea where her house is.
Thanks, and pse email a reply if u can.


With her being 2 hours away--how do you handle transportation?
Although it's not written in your court order, you might want to consider getting the court transcripts from the hearing?


If you have any way to get info that states the judge told her to tell you where, get it.

Then, tell her the kids aren't going anywhere until you have an address and telephone number to reach her/children in the event of an emergency.  

I would actually type up a letter to say this, send a copy to your attorney, (ask him to send copy to her atty) keep one for yourself and give her a copy.  You don't even have an address to send her mail do you?

I doubt that you would be found in contempt by the courts for withholding visitation due to not knowing where they will be.  It is standard that both parents inform the other of changes in address and phone within 24-48 hours.  So...to get this info, you have to play a tough game.

How old are the kids?
Does she pick them up and drop off from your home?


The kids are 15, 13, and 7.  None of them want to go but I realize they need to be around their mom some.  I don't remember if I said but the reason is that she left us on July 4 and had NO contact with the kids at all until November when I filed for custody in her absence. This evening (16th) is the first time for visitation, and we are all a wreck. She will be picking them up, since she chose to move some 80 miles away.

I convinced her on the fone that if she didn't tell me where they were going to be they would not leave home, so she gave me an address and cell phone number, but noone has answered the cell phone and I can't confirm she is at that address. If I cud pay a PI...but I can't.  The older 2 are supposed to call me and let me know if that is where she will be with them when they get there but she could prevent that if she wanted.

Oh me...I just wish they could stay home.

Thanks for the advice.


And let us know how the weekend goes.  These kids are old enough to know if there is trouble, so they will call you if there is.  Good luck!


i did send a fone with them, and they did call. the address was correct and they called from the number she gave me...relieved...surprised but relieved.
Thanks all!
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