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Jun 15, 2024, 02:43:38 PM

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Tell me it isn't so....

Started by 1angrystepmom, Jan 18, 2004, 10:22:54 PM

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I am hoping someone could help me let the "man upstairs" know I have had ENOUGH!

1) MANY of you responded, with prayers for my neice...thank you, we will know more Thurs /fri.

2) My sister (14) ran away thursday.

3) Have received NO CS from ex for 2 mos now.... after I waived the arrears....

4)MIL dying she has terminal cancer

5) NEWSFLASH..... I hope you are all sitting..... which you probably are... SD IS PREGNANT, and due in APRIL!!  **more on this news flash soon...

Can I get a break??? PLEASE??????

ANYONE want to trade lives ??  ANYONE??????



My empathy is with you.  I am struggling now too.


Amber....I feel so bad for you and your family...you must feel so discouraged these days and the only thing I can say is it can only go UP from here...At least I should hope it would....

My prayers are with you and hope that everything works out for the best...I can understand the no child support angle...my ex hasn't paid since May of 2003...As for everything else, no, I wouldn't want to trade places with you but I remember a saying that was once said...
"God doesn't give you what he figures you can't handle"....I don't know how true this is, but I guarantee you have more strength for this than you realize...

Take care...God Bless...


OMG Amber ... your plate is definitely overflowing ...

1)  Continued prayers for your niece.

2)  She ran away?  Has anyone heard from her?  What's the scoop with that? (If you have the mental wherewithall to write about it right now.)

3)  Okay - enough is enough already yet - you've been fair and obviously he thinks you will continue to feed his irresonsiblity - STOP NOW!  Take whatever legal action you need to take, and NEVER let him do this again.  I don't care WHAT the consequences might be for him ... TOO BAD!  

4)  More prayers.

5)  SD??  In CA???  Oh dear God ... I am sorry sweetie.  Right now there isn't anything you can do about that except offer her support, etc.  Do you know if she's going to keep the baby?

Amber ... remember this -- [em]"God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things which should be changed and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other." (Niebuhr)[/e]

Try to apply this - I know it's hard m'dear, but some things you simply cannot give what small amount of energy you have to worry about something you cannot do anything about.  Concern - yes.  Worry - no; that drains you far to much and is totally unproductive.

If you want do e-mail me, please do.

As always you and yours are in my thoughts.


Oh Amber, I'm so sorry you have all this,, but I cant help but be reminded of when I was in the service.

We sprang an ambush on members of the Shining Path (peruvian terrorist), We didnt anticipate quite the numbers that we encountered. Indeed, we found ourselves quite outnumbered...Now THERE was a pucker up.

Whilst in the midst of this, we chose to look at it as a "Target rich environment".

By applying the same analogy to your situation......think of it as a problem rich environment just chock full of situations where you can apply grace, understanding, wisdom, patience and strength.

You have my prayers hun,, just as fervently as I prayed for myself that day so many years ago :)
I'm sure you will handle it all with the grace and dignity you have shown here.


About my sister.... she has been suspended from school twice in the last month, for 8 days each time.  My mother wanted DH and I to take her.  *when she comes home that is*  

Evidently, she called last night, and cursed out my mother when my mother let her know she IS in the run away system.  She said she was going to be home in an hour, and NEVER came home.  THIS kid is a disaster too....  THANK GOD, my 3 children are safe, stable, and have good heads on their shoulders.

As far as SD is concerned ....  I am at a loss.  Her mother (BM) is incapable of parenting.  HOW could she NOT know, I suspected she was pg, in Nov.  but, alas, SD is as much a liar as her mother.

What would you do?? Try and get her here??  DH is a SAHD, and can care for the infant while SD is in school, etc.  Evidently, the Baby's father's family, said SD can live there, however, I do NOT believe she should live there unmarried.  There are so many things whirrling in my mind right now, and I have GOT to get to work.

Thanks for the many thoughts, and the abundance of support!!



First of all, prayers for your niece and that her test results come back good.  

Haul your ex's ass back into court, because that IS something you can control.  Cancer, pregnancy, Leukemia are not.  How old is your SD?  Is adoption a consideration?  Holy cow, April is in 3 months!

You do need a break.  If I hear one more person tell me that God only gives us what we can handle, I will resort to violence.  Just kidding.  All I can say is to take each day as it comes.  Take  care of the things that you're personally responsible for.  Don't get buried.  

Trade lives?  How are you with probate court?  That's ok, I'll keep juggling my mess :-)  

Take care of yourself and your husband and kids.  Things will work out.  Prayers for you and your MIL, also.

(((big hugs))))!


Wow!  Your problems really do seem to be over the top right now.  I have been praying for your niece....guess I should add the rest of your family to my list too.

I know how overwhelming this all seems....my family has been there too.  And NO you would NOT want to trade places with me.  My plate is waaayyy too full also!

Hang in there.  The Serenity Prayer does help!