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Jul 23, 2024, 04:40:42 AM

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I had my surgery yesterday.

Started by 1angrystepmom, Jun 15, 2004, 07:05:18 AM

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I had an electrophysiology study, and then a cardiac ablation of an extra electrical pathway in my heart.  My MD did a cryo-ablation.

I got to FLUSH my heart meds last night, which was nice, AND, I got to have a cup of REGULAR COFFEE!!  WOO HOO!!

On the down side, I have 2 entry points (one each groin) and I am HURTING.....  Dr said I can go back to work tomorrow, but DH wants me to take an extra day off of work, and just go back on Thursday.  

He (DH) is over protective of me...  but, I guess it is kinda nice.

Hope everyone is doing well....  

Kitty C.

Way to go, girl!  I used to work in the cardiology clinic (worked in the echo lab) at the hospital I work at and know exactly what you went thru.  And I agree with your DH, stay home an extra day.  It can't hurt and will help.  Those entry points will hurt for a while, since that was their access to your arteries and they threaded everything thru there.

I take it you were having some irregular rhythms, but thankfully this procedure is allowing you a 'normal' life, instead of the possibility of a pacemaker or other assist device.  Ain't it amazin' what modern medical technology is able to do??
Handle every stressful situation like a dog........if you can't play with it or eat it, pee on it and walk away.......


glad to hear you are doing, well. And dh is concerned your lucky to have him, take that extra day off.


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And we are all lucky to know you both... take care of your self and hurry back!

*Gentle Hugs*



You are correct about the rythym problems, LOL.  I would have episodes of SVT, where my heart would beat 290-300 beats per minute!  I had an extra electrical pathway in my heart.  Medication was no longer working to control it, and was becomming more difficult for the hospital to take care of (more and more adenicard sp?)

Now, in about 18 years or so, I will be having my bicuspid aorta, and my mitral valve replaced, LOL.  THEN I will be TOTALLY fixed ;)  Until then, it will be echo's every year, but those aren't bad at all.

Thank you all again, you are the BEST!!

Kitty C.

Sounds like you're doing great, if all you have to do are echoes!  That's the easy part!  Just as long as they don't make you do an exercise echo or dobutamine echo........I seriously doubt they want to get your heartrate up that high, LOL!

And I've got a feeling that you just might get those valves replaced sooner, just because of how fast medical technology is progressing.  They've started using surgical robotics here.  Here's a link to info regarding the mitral valve replacement done by robotics here:

Handle every stressful situation like a dog........if you can't play with it or eat it, pee on it and walk away.......