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Jun 15, 2024, 12:27:46 PM

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Started by 1of3, Aug 28, 2005, 12:40:28 PM

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It is such a terrible thing that is happening to our children.  The system seems to be on the side of the heartless.  Could all of the people on this forum put together a book showing the plight of the parents and the children?  To have book written by a thousand people on an X-drive...wouldn't that be a neat thing?  It could actually be an endeavor that could help humanity.

Just a thought.

Thank you,



I think that would be an awsome thing.  Maybe someone would read it and actually pay attention to what is happening to our children, our future generation.  Maybe then people would know that we are in 2005 and it isn't like it was in the leave it to beaver days, we have dads that do a FAR BETTER job of being both mom and dad to their children!  We would definately be interested...let us know.

Kitty C.

Multi-chaptered, with each person telling their story in a chapter.  Can you imagine how BIG it would be????;-)
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I have seen in other forums, of putting everyones story on paper. Especially with those of us with false allegations of DV.

If your story is really bad, why not contact the media? We have to get the word out, everyone has a story, the scary part is how so much sounds the same when working thru the system. Like a carbon copy.

"Children learn what they live"


The problem is that it has become a carbon copy story. So why not make it a story that some one might read. Just when I think my story is bad I hear about someone else's problem and think that their bad person must in some way be related to mine. Anyway I think the story would be all of our stories put togather. It could be about Jody and Kelly so we dont have to throw stones at any perticular sex or is this more about how men are being unfairly taken and kept from their kids?