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O T but maybe someone knows.....

Started by msme, Aug 09, 2005, 10:03:30 PM

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My friend lives in KY. His daughter is seriously mentally ill. She was missing for a few years. He located her in TX & she was in a state hospital. When she was discharged, he was able to get her moved to a hospital in KY.

After a few days, they told him they would be releasing her & he had to arrange for her to have a place to live. He & her brother rented her an apartment & furnished it. They also put up the deposits for the utilities & the phone.

She lived in the apt. for about 10 days & then had another episode & had to be hospitalized again, where she remains. They have been continuing to pay for the apt. It has used up all their savings. They are trying to sublet the apt to get out from under it.

Now. this hospital states that they are getting ready to discharge her to an assisted living facility but somebody is going to have to agree to pay about $35 a day for her to live there. Otherwise she will just be discharged to the street.

They cannot bring her to live with them. They are already raising her son & she has a long history of violence when she has an episode. Their lives would be in danger.

She has an application open for SSI but it has not been approved yet. I guess what he wants to know is, can they force him to support her? She is 31. He lives on SSD & some CS from the boy's father.

Can they just put her out on the street, knowing that she is unable to care for herself? Somehow, it just doesn't seem right.

I'm grateful for any info that anyone might have. Thanks.

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sherrie ohio

Was he given some form of custody by the court?If he was there may be a chance he will.What about medcaid/medicare health coverage from the state.Also some states have a program at the human services office for people that cant work/or waitng on replies from ssa.Ohio's program is D.A. It gives money and medical card for those in this sitaution.It may be just anufe to cover the cost.Tell him make the trip to the local human services office(wefare department)there may be some help there.They give help sometimes that day.Our neighbor had help that same day."Of course every state has their own rules".If the daughter gets SSD some where down the line he should recieve a check from them(SSA) for support of his gradaughter.Something to check into. "Just my thoughts".


If I remember correctly, within the last 10 years our government has cut most/any assistance to the mentally disabled. In my state...all but ONE psych hospital has closed...and the one that remained open is for the mentally insane (killers, etc).

Our gvt would rather pay for other things... wars, wars, wars... so we can pay huge prices for our "people" as well as gas and such... gee, I bet Old George is rolling in the bucks right now with gas prices!

Okay...off my soap box...

Sorry...but likely unless Medicaid will pay... you are likely SOL. I know, NOT right... but likely true. Sorry.

sherrie ohio

The state of ohio is building new places called respet homes,for people in need for around the clock supervsion and still when need be place the ones needed in a lock down are placed in state hospitals.Some regurlar hospitals have seperated sections for long term care for mentaly handicap people.

sherrie ohio

If you can think back 10 years ago Bush wasnt in office!And if the wako's would let them drill in alaska we wouldnt be so bad off.The people of Alaska want them to drill there(wich has alot of low income famlies)it would bring in much needed money.As to who's running the country that show's you.This has became a country more worried about animal rights,tree rights and every other countries rights,than solving our problems.All by the way who's setting in New York in a several million dollar home??


Thank you for all your replies. they are in KY & the social worker is still telling her father, "It's ONLY $35 a day & when her SSI gets approved, you can get it back from her back money."

This woman hes been seriously disabled for many years & living on the streets. Whenever she wound up in a hospital or jail, no one would apply for benefits for her, "Because she doesn't have an address." Then when she got moderately stable or served her time, they would just put her back out on the streets with no income & no where to turn.

Her father sent fliers to every social service agency, hospital & police department in southern TX. That was where she had been last seen. Eventually it paid off & the Salvation Army in Austin contacted him & said that she had been in there on several occasions.

He sent her clothes & some walmart cards through them but then she disappeared again. Then she turned up in a hospital in San Antonio. The staff there helped him get her back to KY. She is still in a hospital there.

He is holding his ground & refusing to pay for it plus he keeps telling them that they had better not discharge her before she is really ready or he will hold them responsible.

So far, they are at least not tossing her. keep them in your prayers. they sure need it.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

sherrie ohio

I dont know about the state their in but in the state of ohio if a person stay's in any long term care hospital ect.They take their full SSI check to pay for that.He will not get her SSI check they will,so there wont be any getting his money back, not less things are diferant in his state.I worked with a lady her son was place in the state hospital they took all of his SSI check to pay for it.The only way i know of your friend getting money from the SSI will be for the gradchild.People on SSI who have children under 18 are surpose to recieve a check from SSI for the child.My uncles ex received income from SSI for their four children when he became disabled.($300.00 each child)As far as a address, have him go rent her a  p.o. box if that will get them to give her cash,medcaid anything.I'm sorry i cant help you better.Things must be alot differant in their state.My husband has and ex who saids she has trouble with blood flow in her legs,and she receives D.A and a medical card/food stamps.Yet she walks just find when she playing volleyball,swimming ect.Life doesnt seem fair sometimes.On one hand you have someone who needs the help and cant get it,on the other someone who gets it that dont need it.I will keep them in my prayers.Good luck!!

sherrie ohio

P.S.  SOME NEEDS TO TELL THE "social worker" she needs to do some more research.To someone living on a fixed income $35.00 a day wipes them out.


Thanks for all your input. I think he has found some help. I remembered a little known agency. Every state has one & few people know about it.

It is the State Office for Protection & Advocacy. It is like legal aid for people with disabilities. He has contacted them & they are jumping in. It appears they are giving him a lot of muscle.

Thanks again. All prayers are greatly appreciated. Keep them coming.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!