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Dec 10, 2023, 07:29:45 PM

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Dean Tong is working for Bridgett Marks????

Started by nosonew, Sep 15, 2004, 01:56:02 PM

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Money makes the world go round.

Dr. Phil told Bridget he was going to follow up.  We were told a follow up could not take place without Heidi's permission.  Guess what?  No follow up.


The scene's of the twins being picked up and Ms. Marks having a fit - she pulled out the car seat and had a huge display about how the car seat wasn't installed...

I couldn't see exactly what kind of car seat it was, but it looked like it was a booster type seat.  I know know about all car seats, but I do know that my son's car seat (he is also 4), is such that it isn't "attached" to the seat of the car until he is in the seat, and the seat belt is buckled.  So, someone could pull the exact same stunt on our car seat any time my son isn't sitting in it.  

I didn't believe her act for one second.  If her goal is the best interest of the children, then why did she create such a huge scene?


Yep. And given that Mr. Aylsworth requested to meet in a private place, and was refused so Marks could create a paparazzi party with her children in the middle (which wasn't mentioned either!), it goes to show WHO cares about the girls emotional well-being.  And it isn't her.


Ms. Marks called the media to cover her story. Very sad for her girls to be so exposed to an already stressful situation.

"Children learn what they live"


Dr. Phil is a hypocrit.  Did you see how he blasted the first couple their behavior in front of their children.  How they should act in front of their children.

And Dr. Phil never once blasted Marks about her behavior in front of her children at the exchange or the alienation she attempted against their father.

The entire show was a hypocrasy.


I wanted to comment on a couple of things.  First, Dr. Phil apparently is divorced due to having an affair.  I have to question his ability to counsel people about their marriages, if this is true.

Second, I saw Bridget Marks on, I think, 20/20 recently.  Her behavior was embarassing to watch.  She actually is 38 yrs old, not younger like kitten and I thought.  She should have just stood there and turned herself into stone.  Much more effective, imo.  Probably better for the kids, too.

I wish I could have seen the show, not only for kitten, but I wanted to see what Bridget Marks had to say.  Child molestation charges certainly can be warranted, but her behavior really undermines her case.

By the way, did the good doctor touch on the stepmother issue?  If my super duper rich husband impregnated a good looking model, then went to court and won custody, it would take more than intestinal fortitude to accept these living reminders that her husband is a creep.  Guess she loves SPAMSPAMSPAM...