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Dec 10, 2023, 06:57:32 PM

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Bigsigh2004 . . . Some advice

Started by hagatha, Sep 23, 2004, 10:48:52 PM

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my advice is to start very slowly. The next time she comes to pick up D ask her if she wants to keep D longer. Just say you want D to spend as much time as possible with her mommy. If she appears hesident, tell her to think about increasing her time and explain if she needs anything (like financial help with daycare) you will be more than happy to help.  Tell her it's ok if she can't take her longer this time, but maybe next week she could keep her all week and bring her back on the weekend. Tell her you want to see how things go, (increasing her time) and maybe work something out so D can get the best of both parents.

Let her know if she wants to keep D for the week it's ok beacuse you have finally realized D needs her just as much as you. Then tell her to call you later to let you know what she thinks about increased time and how she will handle having D while working. (ie: what she might need from you)

Let her take D for extended time for a bit, before asking if she wants D full time. Tell her you feel while she wants more time she might have been hesitant to ask, and apoligize for having her feel that way.

I think as soon as she realizes you want to give her more time, she'll be so happy the anger and resentment will disapear. (not forever, but it's a start)

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