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Child Support Issues / RE: HELP...two states involved
« on: May 23, 2004, 11:58:00 AM »
It is my understanding that you can file to ammend the child support at anytime. I had a situation where the I owned a small business and the courts took the net income of my company and used it to calculate my Child support. Upon review of Indiana Child support guidelines however I discovered that what they had done was illegal and filed to modify. Although it took almost 5 years to get it straightened out and my child support adjusted (this is not typical...I was filing for bankruptcy with my business, and had some major financial problems). The courts however did not make the change retroactive...even though they had broken their own child support laws, which puts me behind almost 5 years in Child support and coming very close to a class c felony due to the amount of the child support the courts originally ordered me to pay.

My advice is to find and review in detail the child support guidelines for your state and what they say in regards to your situation and file to modify ASAP. It is almost unheard of for a court to make any changes to child support retroactive unless it is an increase, and the longer you wait the bigger and bigger that arrears is going to get. Trust me I found out the hardway.

Custody Issues / Parents Rights Ribbons
« on: Feb 21, 2005, 05:28:17 PM »
It has been brought to my attention that some people still do not know where to go to get the custom Parents Rights Magnetic Awareness Ribbons I have for sale. I do not wish to wear out my welcome here at SPARCS so I will simply state that if you wish to know more about these ribbons or order one, please e-mail me C_ALEXANDER@FSMAIL.NET and I will get the information to you ASAP.
I have spent my own savings in the hopes of offering these ribbosn to help spread the word about Parents & Kids rights AND to help fund my move from Indiana to where my daughter is now (Colorado). I've got about 370 still to sell so your support is greatly appreciated. I don't want ot have to stick all of these to my truck. I'd ionly be able to drive north...haha.

Thanks All,
Chris Alexander
The Ribbon Guy

P.s. please spread the word to others in the community and on Spracs here.

Father's Issues / Mother Trivializes my plans for x-mas
« on: Dec 23, 2005, 04:21:26 PM »
Man I was so mad. Thsi is my first x-mas here in Colorado with my daughter Jessie. All of my family and friends are back in Indiana and I miss them terribly, but I know I have to be here for my little girl. Anyway I have put everythign I have into providing a good Christmas here for my daughter and I and my ex wife is now pissing all over it. She has chopped the weekend so much our daughter is going to get whip lash from goign back and forth between the hosues. Then she has my daughter call me just now and ask if she can goto a party at her mom's BF's parents house because her mom told her all of the kids are goign to be there. Now I ask you what kid is goign to want to goto their dad's house and have a quiet little x-mas when a party full of kids to play with is going on?
I swear little garbage like this is constantly comign up. Her mother is goign to school full time and working as an EMT and the BF and I are raising Jessie. Jessie crys often about how she has no time with her mom, but I would be a creep if I told her the truth that her mom is more concerned with herself then Jessie. It is SO had to continue to be the good guy. How can anyone in good conscience act ths way?

Bottom line I stuck to my guns told Jessie that tongiht was OUR X-mas and that we already had plans. Now she is upset with me for not lettign her go, when it was her mother who KNEW we had plans and sought to trivialize them and villianize me. I never thought I, of all people , was capable of hatred, but I truly hate this woman.

merry X-mas

Father's Issues / RE: Ad Format Change - Comments?
« on: Nov 17, 2005, 04:50:39 PM »
You have ads on thi e forum? Really? How long has this been going on? Where are they? haha.

Father's Issues / RE: Here is the information about cuts
« on: Nov 16, 2005, 11:25:18 AM »
I read that article and I must say that I DO NOT like the way this Vicki Turetsky presents it. It is obvious that she is biased in favor of these incentives. Whenver this topic is brought up there is alsways someone that raises the idea that if fathers where to have their kids 50% of the time and each parent where to support the children equally that these mothers would fall into financial ruin and have to rely on welfare.
This may be the case in some cases, typically familes that would be on welfare regardless, but not all. As a matter of fact in a MAJORITY of divorced familes this would NOT be the case.

Given the fact that women are given the same educational and employment opportunities as men why are men typically having to bear the brunt of the financial burden? Why do I pay CS to my ex wife that lives in a $300,000 house, while I live in a basement, drives a $20,000 new car, while I drive an old car, and makes almost double my income when I am perfectly capable of taking my daughter 50% of the time and supporting her when I have her?

I think the biggest fight is not goign to be changing the laws, but rather changing the attitudes of people and bringing the truth to light about these incentives and the entire CS system.

Father's Issues / To change the law you must understand it
« on: Nov 15, 2005, 04:43:48 PM »
In order to change the laws you have to first understand them. Also if we were only talking about a few laws gettign them changed would be easy. As it stadn you are not jsut talking about changing a few laws..it goes much deeper then that.

1. The federal government PAYS the states incentives for collecting CS
2. $500,000,000 comes out of social security for "incentives" and was included in partof Bill Clintons Welfare reform
3. There are other federal programs that "add" to these incentives and can pay up to 3 times the amountof money the state collects
4. The states are fundign their budgets with this money along child support that is never "claimed"

Imagine if you will a police officer that got paid to write tickets. The more tickets he wrote the more he got paid. Now imagine that there was no agency to verify his tickets were legitimate. Imagine that the higher the fine on the tickets the more money the police officer recieved. Now imagine the police officer was struggling for money....do you get where I am going with this? This is why judges are awarding custody to one parent and making the other pay CS instead of ordering joint custody. This is why so many states have strict cs arrears programs which go after the mythical "deadbeat dads".

To truly tackle this issue you must END once and for all any and all incentives. States should instead be rewarded for orderign shared parenting whenever possible and each parent should be responsible for support the child EQUALLY.

Krights radio recent sent out some e-mails regarding legislation that would cut these incentives by over 40%. I might suggestion checking out their site adn yahoo e-mail group for more info.

You MUST understand that the onyl way to bring about change in this situation is to hit the state governments in their wallets.

Father's Issues / RE: Back child support
« on: Nov 04, 2005, 05:09:32 PM »
Yes, and I'd be willign to bet htta even with the contract the judge will go back to the date the divorce papers where filed and order Child support from that date. Furthermore there is a good chance that they will not consider the money already paid as child support because it did not go through the state. Bottom line the ncp could find themselves in a position of having to pay the CS TWICE.

The thing you have got to understand about CS is that the state makes money off the federal government for collecting it. The more a state collects the more "incentives" they recieve from the feds. These incentive payments, a result of Bill Clintons Welfare reform, have become SO profitable for the states that they have began funding their budgets with this money. This means there is greater and greater pressure for judges to order CS more often and in larger amounts/ This also explains why most states have begun vicious campaigns aimed at goig after parents that owe CS.

All that said my advice is to find teh best lawyer you can, get educated about how the system works, and get ready for a fight.

Best of luck

Father's Issues / RE: Krights Radio's
« on: Nov 01, 2005, 10:55:27 PM »
It is apparent after a conversation with Richar this evening that there has been a terrible misunderstanding with regards to the "Kids NEED BOTH Parents" ribbons and the merchandise they recently began selling. For my part I wish to apologize to Richar, Tammi and Krights for not having more faith in them as people and representatives of our movement. Although they weren't much these ribbons I have been selling were a symbol of something much more. About my little contribution to the community and to others who struggle every day with simply being a parent to their kids. Because I attach my name to these ribbons what they represent means a lot to me and without finding out more about what was truly going on I jumped to conclusions. I sincerely hope that Richard, Tammi, Krights and the community can forgive me for this and that everyone can try to understand where I was coming from.

It is my understanding that for now the Ribbon website is closed. Richar and I are meeting within the next week to hopefully work out the details of turning over to Krights the rights to the ribbons so that we can continue to get these ribbons out to the masses in the form of t-shirts, aprons, hats, mugs, etc (the underwear is being discontinued). All proceeds from the sale of this merchandise will be going directly to Krights radio to help fund the continuing battle for family law reform. When the web store reopens I hope that you all help show your support for Krights.

Once again please accept my deepest apologies for the misunderstanding and I hope we can continue forward. As Richar said in our conversation tonight "we have bigger fish to fry"

Chris Alexander

Father's Issues / RE: Krights Radio's
« on: Nov 01, 2005, 08:33:04 PM »
Life in CO is wonderful, I have a job with Officemax..well manpower for now ( temp service) but officemax is gonna hire me permenant in 30 days. I get to spend tons of time with my daughter who is MUCH healthier mentally and happier now that I am here and to top it all off I LOVE the area here. It is a paradise...the best of big city life and outdoor splendor.

I have seen other ribbons out there like mine, but never any that used the EXACT graphic I have...one taken from my very website. I have contacted the webstore that is providing these items and have reported to them that the graphic and likeness are prirated and being used illegally.

I understand wew all have to work together on this BUT there are those out there that would use this for their own profit. If krights who is suppose to be all about "TRUTH" would steal my graphic for their own use without so much as an e-mail or phone call...which is screwed up because richard and his wife life 5 miles from my house, then do we really want these kinds of people representing our cause? I am just wondering.

If they had contacted me and asked for written permission before hand I most likely would have provided it...so long as I had some say in the merchandise it was beign put on. I DO NOT THINK THAT "KIDS NEED BOTH PARENTS" THONG PANTIES ARE ACCEPTABLE OR APPROPRIATE. Do you?

Father's Issues / Krights Radio's "Ribbons"
« on: Nov 01, 2005, 05:41:18 PM »
As I had hoped Krights contacted me and the entire situation was a misunderstanding and miscommunication. The site for now is down and Richar Farr and I are working on the details so that Krights Can take over the Kids NEED BOTH Parents ribbons and merchandise to continue spreading the word about our fight. The funds generated from this merchadise can really help Krights continue to do the things needed to take our voice directly to Washington.

I made a mistake and jumped to conclusions about the intentions of Richar and Krights and for that I sincerely apologize.

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