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Father's Issues / Re: Eagleeyefam....was court yesterday?
« on: Oct 27, 2009, 07:02:45 AM »
Yes it was! It went horrible.
DH has no attorney but was fully prepaired for everything. BM showed and was a wretched hag about any compromise. It ended with DH being allowed to drive for half of the travel. Meaning picking up he flys fropping off he drives or vice versa. LOAD OF CRAP!
he asked for a graduating plan. Adding 1 day each month the the week he already has, by the time the child is 3 it will be 2 weeks with dad. BM's attorney said he liked the idea, BM fought it. Then BM throws the "he has seperation anxiety" card. PLays DH like a fine tuned fiddle. DH left it at 1 week a month until he is 3 then try again.
DH took nothing in front of the judge. All litigation was done in the hall. BM wouldn't speak to DH. SHe let her attorney do it all. DH ripped in to her about the anxiety issue. Told her if there was something going on with their son then she should have called. SHe needed to communicate that months ago instead of at court.
They went in front of the jude, told her what they agreed on, judge signed it.
I support DH in whatever decision he made. I support him but I do it with a big BULLSHIT sign in my hands.
No contempt charges. Her attorney tried to tell DH he was considering the contempt. DH said feel free, but be prepaired for 4 contempts on BM. Contempt went away no second discussions.
SO child support hearing in a few hours. Hopefully DH can get the flights compensated in the adjustment somehow. As it sets right now it's 900 bucks in December for flights. (he has Christmas and a week. 2 seperate visits)

Custody Issues / Re: Count Down!!
« on: Oct 26, 2009, 06:26:14 PM »
Was that you pacing the hall today at the courthouse!!!!! LOL. I spoke with a father in a similar situation.
You are ok. Don't let this own you. Yes this is beyond stressful. I can't begin to explain the stresses, but know that I do understand.
You are doing very well keeping your head above water. Keep doing that!!!!!! Let us all know how this turns out.

The child has been returned via driving. Oh and guess what!!! He survived!!!! LOL We had a blast driving with him. The car we took had a DVD player with head phones. He kicked back and watched a movie, dad read him a few books, played games, he napped, we even stopped every town along the way and got him out. He ate like normal. There were no issues what so ever. Made sure to count all toes and fingers, yep all were there!
The trip took a bit longer because of the stopping. But it was fun!!!!!

Ohio State Forum / Re: new
« on: Oct 23, 2009, 10:22:18 AM »
2 nights per week and 1 night every other weekend and you thinks that's too much for a 2 year old?
DH was awarded 1 week a month. Since they are in different states, the child gets to come to dad for 1 week amonth plus 2 seperate 5 day periods in the summer plus holidays on top of all of that. So no, your situation is not too much for a 2 year old.
Kids learn to adapt, they adjust to the routine. If you make this situation stressfuyl for the child then the child will be stressed. But if you can reassure to child that he/she will be fine with the other parent then the child will be relaxed and adjust very well to it.
I can tell you from experience that if the pattern is set to have the vists and then there is a sudden denial then that will be far more stressful then what is ordered.
I can understand the frustration. But every child needs both parents, no matter what the age.
I did week on week off with a 3 and 1 year old. They are now 10 and almost 13 and seem to be ok. Infact, they are far above ok.
As long as both parents are there for the child then time should be irrelivant.

Father's Issues / Re: Pain for my son
« on: Oct 23, 2009, 10:15:24 AM »
Oh wow. What a twit! Shoes are shoes. They serve the purpose of covering the feet to protect as we walk. What kind of mother would do that! I swear!
You are doing the right thing thus far from what I read. Keep reassuring your son that it;s ok to wear the shoes. Keep asking the BM to stop her crap. Eventually this will biter her in the buttocks. (i hope)

Thank you everybody. It;s been a long battle with this BM. Things are much less tense around here now. Dinner and a family game made it all better. Monday will be interesting for sure.

Oh and No DUI's No traffic violations in the last 2 years, valid license, not a drinker,
I'm still searching to see if the retreiving parent gets magical powers just becasue the child was on a plane. LOL

Mixedbag I was just searching the forums for some of your posts LOL. I figured you'd surface here shortly!
I just read your response outloud. A calm has found it's way into the house for the time being.
Child is up from his nap and BD and I will not ever speak of the court issues in front of him or when he might possible overhear anything. He's too young right now to understand any of it, but it's a good time to practice this rule so it becomes habit throughout life.
I guess we wait and see what happens Monday in court. She will bring it up I'm sure, but then dad can say BM has 3 counts of contempt fro denial of visits.
Will let everybody know how it goes.


I interpreted it as if they couldn't agree on a mode of transportation, then air travel had to be done - fully at father's expense.
This is exactly what it is. If they can't agree then father must pay 100% of the flights. BM will nto agree to anythign other than flights.


She cant file contempt until after something happens and you have court first thing on Monday so...she would have to have a lawyer do it or go herself after. The WORST thing that would happen is that your DH will be told not to do it again BUT you have the law on your side this time. I would OVERNIGHT a letter to her with signature that states according to the court order you can drive the child home, especially since you have to be in court on Monday. I would also state the dates and times that you already notified her of the change.

Suggestion, next time dont tell her so early...lol. But this should be addressed on Monday anyway...

Wouldn't have told her but she has been demanding the return info since Saturday morning at 6:30am. She started the texting. Then the emails. ANd now it's a huge mess. Hopefully monday will change all of the travel clause.

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