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General Issues / Re: texas custody laws
« on: Jun 08, 2011, 02:30:37 PM »
When I talk about the time I mean she is tallking to us like we are idiots, she goes back and forth about when and if she is going to allow him to come over and when he is with us she wants to be able to have him when ever she says and we better jump to it. Its just not fair or right, she is a grown woman with 4 other children  by 2 other men and the only reason she acts like this with my husband is because we show intrest in the boy. If we didnt care to see him she would be throwin him on us thats what tells us there is more to her attempts to keep him away. When te child was 7 yrs old he was already counting calories and checking labels because she would be on a diet and make him be on it too and he is not a heavy child. We worry that she is going to cause him to have emotional issues and there will be nothing that we can do to help him.

@Ocean I had no idea you could do all of that.!

General Issues / Re: texas custody laws
« on: Jun 08, 2011, 12:41:26 PM »
@Gemini he wants to come live with us because his mother has tried to stop him and limit how much he is with his father since birth. she is one of those that " i want him here at this tme exactly and not a minute later" I say what and who you can talk to kind of person, she has been like this since he was a baby. She has a very rough personality and he just isent like that.

General Issues / Re: texas custody laws
« on: Jun 08, 2011, 12:37:55 PM »
Please do not misunderstand what I am saying as far as her husband is concerned and his job. Both my parents were both military and right now my father is on his second deployment to afganistan as well as my brother, to me the differnce of feelings is because the child does not want to go and has made it very clear that he doesnt want to. I can honestly say I dont think he really feels any kind of loyalty to us or worried about hurting our feelings. He has always been a sensitive child and she has made sure to do certain things and raise him rough so that he would stop showing any desire to come with his family over here. There are times when we arent even talking about it or the idea hasent been brough up and he says it himself, there is always a change in his attitude when he has to go back with her and its not a positive one. He is very unsure of himself, seems tohave anxiety, and just a whole bunch of mixed emotions about going back and forth when he does come see his father kind of like he just isent sure if its ok for him to want to be with us. He i not the child that understands what is going on between his parents or why they are unable to get along some kids know what they want and who they want to be with and dont feel bad about it but he isent that child.

Moms Without Custody / Re: Mother without full custody
« on: Jun 06, 2011, 08:56:10 PM »
do you have your own place now and a job? If you have your self together why dont you try to get them?

yes the plan for the summer is that he is supposed to have him 45 days every summer since she lives over 100 miles away, and she is supposed to meet him half way or give him money for gas but she will do neither.

@Ocean no she lives out of state, and has pretty much the boys whole life.

General Issues / Re: texas custody laws
« on: Jun 06, 2011, 04:39:15 PM »
even though he has voiced his desire to live here with us , we are worried that because his mother has such a uge influence on him he would be too scared to go against her. His exact words were " if i could i would move here right now, but if i go against my mom i will be in alot of trouble" she holds him to her by fear.

Yes he has every wednesday, every other weekend , if she lives more than 100 miles she has to meet him or give him money for gas. the basic type of custody. BUT the kicker is that she has never lived close enough to actually be abe to abide by those rules. she moved becuase the man she married is in the military. But even at that one year they lived about 1 hr away and still then she would not abide by the rules.  her thing is that she does not want him to be apart of his life because my husban did not stay with her because she was pregnant. they were together for a brief time and she got pregnant and after she had the baby my husband had him the majority of his first 6 months then she got married a few months later and that was it. she told him that if he was to do like the papers say and put in every time he wants him that she would not allow him any other time with the child than is ordered.

General Issues / texas custody laws
« on: Jun 06, 2011, 01:00:52 PM »
DOes anyone have information on what the laws are in texas having to do with the minor child wanting to move to the non custodial parent. The child is 12 now and will be 13 in dec, he has made it very clear that he wants to come move down here with his father and i but we all know that his bio mom will not allow it nor will she eve entertain the conversation. i know i read somewhere that if there is a substantial change in his home life they would consider it, and they move around alot because his step father is in the military. they just came back from living abroad for 5 yrs, we have lived in the same town for 8 yrs and have no plan on moving. he has mentioned how he doesnt want to keep moving around and that if he could he would move now. we dont know wht to do

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