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Second Families / And the drama has begun again. :(
« on: Apr 16, 2012, 06:53:08 PM »
 I need any and all information I can get about Arizona child support laws. The BM of my husband's son is threatening my husband she is going to send him back for an increase in child support, no big deal but we have a feeling that she cannot afford an attorney so she is just sending ugly texts  to my husband saying how he needs to send more money because what she gets is not enough. Even admitting that she is telling their son that she refers to him as the "sperm donor" . But my question is because we are in texas if we send money through attorney general i know she will not get it but will it help us on our side because it shows that we are sending money to them plus still sending her a check? Does it not make a difference? Can we use the texts to show her harrassing him if they do go back to court?

Second Families / stepson coming to visit
« on: Dec 12, 2011, 07:07:24 PM »
i know it sounds terrible and i feel guilty :-\ even saying it out loud but my stepson is coming down for the holidays, and even though i know he probably wont be with us the whole time i am dreading it. I am worried about how he will treat our kids because his attitude is changing and the last time he was here this summer he was not very nice to our 6 yr old daughter ( his half sister). It upsets me that she has even told me she doesnt want him to come over becase he is mean, maybe if he was still  a bit younger i could find an excuse for him but his behavior but he is 13 and i think he should know better by now.Plus his attitude has alot to do with his mother and her crummy attitude rubbing off on him and the nonsense she fills his head with. His treatment towards the girls makes me not want him around and i dont want to feel like that or treat him differently and my kids feed off of that. So now i just dont know what to think , I know him not coming is not an option unless his mother decides to be a piece of crap as usual. How do I deal with this issue?

General Issues / Child Support questions
« on: Oct 17, 2011, 09:14:44 AM »
Two things first bio mom is saying she is going to take bio dad back to court for more child support because she says he has not reported his change in income, but the child support was based off of an agreement between the two and not off his income. There is nothing in the decree that says he has to report change of income only that he has to report that he needs child support taken out of his pay check and that he needs to make sure he has insurance on him. So can she still get him for back child support? Granted she has had 12 years to take him back to court.
Second if she is asking for more money on the side for other things is there any way of just adding it to the child support  like directly to attorney general instead of making a check out to her, this way she can't try and say that he never gave her anything? I know there is no way that he can stop her from using it for other things such as her other kids (from her current husband), just want to try and make sure its used for him. Court order is in TX.

well my husband's ex moved from Germany to Arizona , and my husband just started a new job so the first child support payment was late. So now she got all upset even though this is the first time in 12 years he has ever been late on a payment.She wants to close out the case here in Texas to open it in Arizona , my question would be what would that really do? What is the point of it, I understand the increase in child support but why close it here when there is a guarantee that she will be moving again in maybe 2-3 years. Does any one have any ideas or experience with this?

General Issues / texas custody laws
« on: Jun 06, 2011, 12:00:52 PM »
DOes anyone have information on what the laws are in texas having to do with the minor child wanting to move to the non custodial parent. The child is 12 now and will be 13 in dec, he has made it very clear that he wants to come move down here with his father and i but we all know that his bio mom will not allow it nor will she eve entertain the conversation. i know i read somewhere that if there is a substantial change in his home life they would consider it, and they move around alot because his step father is in the military. they just came back from living abroad for 5 yrs, we have lived in the same town for 8 yrs and have no plan on moving. he has mentioned how he doesnt want to keep moving around and that if he could he would move now. we dont know wht to do

Ok so here is our problem, my husband has a 12 yr ol son who he hardly gets to see because the boys mom moves around so much because her husband is in the military. They moved out of the country for 5 yrs so he only saw him once for half the summer almost 2yrs ago. Now they have moved back to the states but not back to texas where we are. She makes things very difficult for him to see and speak to the boy, he has always paid child support and kept insurance and never argues with her even when she becomes extremely argumentative. Now that it is summer the boy has been down for almost 3 wks and he has only been with us over here for maybe 6 days because she wants him with her. They usually justs verbally agree for the visitation times, but now she is threatening to take the boy back with her out of state beause she got mad at my husband for not sending all his clothes back with him. The boy has mentioned wanting to move down here with us but his mother says no he cant and she wont allow him to. This just becomes so heart breaking and emotionaly draining having to deal with her mood changes. We dont know what to do any advice would b great.

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