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Author Topic: **UPDATE*** signed document with her chicken scratch....  (Read 3850 times)


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RE: **UPDATE*** signed document with her chicken scratch....
« Reply #10 on: Apr 19, 2007, 07:00:57 PM »
If an IL judge signs an order pertaining to custody and visitation of a child, I believe they are assuming jurisdiction.

Once a Fl court were to hear the matter, if mom began contesting the jurisdiction, your daughter should have met all of the requirements of the UJCCA. Besides, the court of one state is supposed to uphold the orders of another state. If mom signed a stipulation of temp custody , then no matter what state it's filed in, it should be upheld by the other. What the judge is doing is making her paperwork legally binding by the courts. The MOST CONVENIENT forum to hear the case, would be where the child resides, and has environmental ties(school, church, friends, family, etc).

Do some internet researching. Look up uniform child custody act, look up jurisdiction, read cases. You will become familiar with the ins and outs.

I also agree- QUIT showing your hand to your opponent. It serves you NO purpose, except to lose your goal in the end.


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