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Author Topic: Welcome to the ''Moms Without Custody'' board!  (Read 9431 times)


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RE: Welcome to the ''Moms Without Custody'' board!
« Reply #20 on: Aug 18, 2004, 10:51:01 PM »
Hi everyone :) I'm Meighan and I'm a 24 year old sorta NCP heh. I posted my story earlier .... anyways..I'm so happy to have found this board...y'all's posts are VERY helpful thanks for being here...

Dr. Jen

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RE: When are you going to be here, DR. Jen??? eom
« Reply #21 on: Aug 24, 2004, 10:41:31 AM »
I'm here ... haven't gone anywhere, just haven't been here  ... a good message for each of you to hear and begin to understand as it relates to love and children and your role as mother.

What do I mean here?  Just because your children are not with you does not mean they don't love you.  The same holds true for you, that just because you are not able to be there with your children in the way you would like, your energy, your love, your care stays with your children forever.  It is your "job" as mothers to let your children know you care, to let them know they are loved and to help them grow up strong and clear in their awareness and knowing of your love.

I will write more later and will also share with you the story of where I've been and why the energy of love, no matter where you are, is so important to who you are and to who your children are and who they are becoming.

More to follow, later tonight or tomorrow.  I promise.

Living and loving,
Dr. Jen


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