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Author Topic: A link I found to a story Dr Phil is wanting to do!  (Read 2679 times)


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A link I found to a story Dr Phil is wanting to do!
« on: Jul 31, 2004, 12:03:27 PM »
This is an email that I recieved and thought some of you might be interested in this:

Please feel free to pass this onto as many persons/email groups as possible.  Also be sure to identify where you are from, i.e., city, state (AND country if you are outside the US).  Click on the link below the description to take you to the sign up menu if you are interested.  It would be very convincing for Dr. Phil to see that people all over the world are suffering from the same problems - and courts everywhere are making the same mistakes.

For those of you who have never seen the Dr. Phil Show, Dr. Phil is one excellent psychiatrist/psychologist (I'm not sure which, but he's one of these).  He doesn't get conned or buy into excuses.  He sees through BS.  He focuses on the real issues. He hones in on irresponsibility, dishonesty and denial, and spots it immediately.  He catches people in their lies and excuses. He doesn't make any bones about telling anyone who perpetrates them what their real agenda is and what they need to do about it.

His show might make a good forum for bringing up parental alienation syndrome.

Patti Diroff

      Divorcing? Locked In Bitter Custody Battle ?

      The Dr. Phil show is looking for parents involved in a bitter custody dispute. Are you in a daily battle with your ex over your children? Have you been falsely accused of physical or sexual abuse or already lost visitation over a false allegation? Feel like you can?t compete with your spouse?s high priced legal team? Afraid of losing your children forever? If you feel that your children are suffering in your nasty custody battle, you want help from Dr. Phil and ARE ALL WILLING TO APPEAR ON THE SHOW, please email us your story.

The following is the link to submit your story:



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I just sent him my story...
« Reply #1 on: Aug 04, 2004, 01:19:57 AM »
and I would LOVE it if he contacts me for this.


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