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Author Topic: Update on my case against my mother...  (Read 2364 times)


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Update on my case against my mother...
« on: Nov 30, 2004, 09:13:44 PM »
For those of you that may be wondering what the outcome against my mother was... here is a brief summary and  an update. I apologize in advance for this being so long.

I was having financial difficulties about 3 yrs ago... My mother asked if she could take care of my daughter until I got back on my feet... I agreed to let my mother take care of her... (Because I didn't think I would have any problems what-so-ever getting my child back from my own mother.)

After repeated attempts to get daughter back from my mother and her refusing to let daughter come back,,, I took her to court. She file for custody AFTER I filed my motion to terminate her guardianship.

First court date, the DRC gave my mother "de facto custodian" status... Second court date Domestic Relations Commissioner gave FULL custody to my mother because my mother said I never attempted to get daughter back (which was not true I have proof that I tried many times)

We appealed this decision to the judge... This judge affirmed what the DRC decided. We have appealed this as well.

We have recently come across new evidence and have filed a Motion to Alter, Vacate, or Amend and now have a court date set for Dec 14, 2004. This will be going in front of the judge that affirmed the DRC's decision the first time.

Also, since the last court date (Oct. 19, 2004) my mother has only allowed me one extra day of visitation with my daughter. She also let my daughter stay out of school for a week because she took my child to Disney World in Florida for her birthday. (How can I compete with this type of gift?)

 The judge knew about this and allowed her to go. This interfered with my court ordered visitation with my child. I was allowed to make up some of this time but not all of it.

My daughter is being turned against me by my own mother and my daughter's attitude toward me shows that my mother is planting terrible things about me in her head.

Hopefully this new evidence will help get my daughter where she belongs.

I also took my ex husband to court over my son. (Circumstances with son were same with daughter described above) BUT,,,

We had joint custody of son, he was primary caretaker, ex let me have son every other week and let me babysit for him while he was at work on his weeks.

After 8 months of it being like this he stopped it without notice or explaination. I took him to court on Nov. 23, 2004. I got true joint custody (every other week) NO primary care taker, NO child support, and I am the babysitter (1st right to refusal?) ex has to pick son up from my house on his weeks after he gets off work. (An extra 28 miles both ways for him to drive,,, he's not happy about that)

In short. I finally got my son where he needed and wanted to be. My ex no longer has the control he swore he would never give up. I am very happy about the way this one worked out.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post. Good luck to everyone with their cases and thank you for your input and opinions on my case(s).


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RE: Update on my case against my mother...
« Reply #1 on: Dec 03, 2004, 05:36:01 PM »
Good luck to you, I am glad to hear at least one of the cases turned out good.

Prayers to you for the case with your mom, please remember (and its hard to) that money and material things don't buy love.

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**


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