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Author Topic: I'm here for insight and help  (Read 1944 times)


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I'm here for insight and help
« on: Mar 23, 2005, 02:25:43 PM »
I am trying to gain custody of my 14 soon to be 15 yr. old daughter, I had been in  an abusive relationship for 13 yrs when I had her, my ex was controlling, verbally, mentally and physically abusive to me. and I had a 3 yr old daughter when I began this relationship by another man but my ex husband was never abusive towards her.  I had a daughter with my ex when my other daughter was 16, when I was pregnant everything was good I felt maybe my ex had changed, but as soon as I had our daughter it started again and I couldn't let another child watch it so i was a stay at home mom (because my ex had to know what I was doing always) so I went to legal aid and filed for a divorce, when my ex found out the first thing he did was change the locks on our home so I had to stay with friends with my daughters,  then he took all the furniture out of the home and claimed he sold it, and even though He was supposed to leave the home until the divorce and let my daughters and I stay he never did, and when i went to the police they never ever helped me!!  My attorney put a clause in our dissolution ( exs idea, the dissolution:Faster) that  since I did not have a job, but was looking and did not have a permanent residence that my daughter would stay with my ex in the home we had shared for 3 months and then my daughter would come to me, but when the time came to get my daughter I called my legal aid attorney and he was no longer with them and they sent me a letter saying that they'er caseload was to great to take on custody battles right now, I didn't have the money and my time was about to run out to get another attorney. So my ex had his attorney draw up papers  that we would have shared parenting, month to month with the other parent getting the week-ends, I lived 45 minutes from my ex, because he continued to bully me while I was in the same town.  When school started my ex offered to pay for private schooling if I would agree to allow her to stay in his home, and his attorney said that because of our travel distance one parent had to have custody in order to enroll the child in school.  Dummy me (and I hate myself for it) I agreed and my lying ex promised that when private school was over (8th grade) that my daughter could come live with me.  In the meantime he is remarried, everything is changed and now he refuses to give me my daughter without a fight,  he and I only had a verbal agreement but his sister heard and is willing to testify for me, there are alot of other stipulations, abusive stepmom, father never home, putting on meds (paxil) without my knowledge keeping school records and medical records from me, interference with visitation and denying visitation. Can someone give me some advice and let me know what chance I have at getting my child, she and I are desperate, she is an emotional wreck and her step constantly harps and tells her shes stupid for wanting to live with me, I have had to turn the step in 2 xs for physical abuse of my child and I think her dads scared of her too. He is never home the step does all the disciplining etc. Please Help, Sorry so long!  I'm new at this  


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RE: I'm here for insight and help
« Reply #1 on: Mar 24, 2005, 11:07:28 PM »
Hi. I posted back to you under my original post, what state is your divorce/custody jurisdicted in?


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