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Author Topic: child support  (Read 1672 times)


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child support
« on: Jan 15, 2004, 04:44:52 PM »
Yesterday at my husbands hearing regarding CS modification, the administrator said that a determination will be made to lower support and that the new amount is being based on tax figures from 1995 for both parties.

There was never any mention about it being retroactive.
I spoke with someone from the state child support office and she said that it could be retroactive from 1995 but if nothing was said about it, we would have to appeal.

Has anyone experienced this before? It seems to me that it is only right that if a new amount is going to be set based on figures from 1995, then everything after that should be retroactive. This would decrease the amount of arrears. which we have a hearing next week on.

We also found that CS figures for arrears is about $2300 off. In our favor.

Our hearing is next Thursday and if anyone can help shed some light on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Do we need to file something with the court before the hearing to address any of this, or do we just answer questions and object to the amount as we go along.

Will the court hear our request for a retroactive adjustment at this arrears hearing since, if it is granted, it will effect the amount of arrears owed?


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