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Author Topic: Kat  (Read 1703 times)


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« on: Jan 29, 2004, 02:41:59 PM »
Hey our cs ends in Sept of  2005 too. :)

Maybe we could get together and have a party. We will be able to drive my new car that I am buying the day this crap is over. I have an 11 year old van that has to last until then because we can't afford two car payments now. The evil ex buys a new car every three years and bought her last one last summer so I figure this will be her last new car.

We are only slightly worried that sd will flunk this year of home schooling and we will have to pay for another year if she chooses to attend school until she turns 19. Dh says she's such a waste that he can't imagine her going another year in public school where everyone dislikes her. She's evil just like her mom and it's not just me...she has no friends and her mom pulled her out of school to home school her and make it easier for her. Yeah right.


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Should be interesting time!!
« Reply #1 on: Jan 30, 2004, 03:21:26 AM »
MKx2 support ends then too & Socrateaser is working on something that he stated is going to come to head 9/05 as well!

Our SD, Mothers mini-me, is also just as evil. She will be 18 in a few months and is one very scary individual. I feel very sorry for anyone who crosses paths with them. We aren't going to modify support. It's worth paying the few extra dollars per month not to sit in the court room looking at their ugly, lying moonpie faces. Just knowing that bio is probably hiding every time the door bell rings to avoid service is enough. Both SD & SS dropped out at 16, in the 8th grade. It's very sad. No one in the house works (all 3 have on-going criminal records)  so I guess they are going to have to get JOBS when support ends..and, the end IS NEAR!!!!

My big reward is getting the wrinkles removed from my face that the last few years have contributed to. We are in the big money crunch *pay all the bills off phase*. The house is getting finished, should make a good profit. The second SS turns 18 and therefore DH will not be required to notify them or courts of our location, we are moving out of state. Hopefully the distance will allow us to live normally & not in fear of our lives 24/7.

In your case, I could see how easy it would be to *fail* homeschooling so that support would continue. I'd fight that one in court, BIG TIME!!!! How can you fail one on one tutoring? If that's the case, she must have a disability & should apply for SSI. It's going to be interesting to see if they play that card, I bet you can't wait huh?  Apparently the school has to keep records from home schoolers, if you haven't, make sure you get them (before she turns 18!!).

Best of luck to you!! Let's think tropical vacation..warm, sunny!! YIPPEEE!




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