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Author Topic: Need advice on how to handle this....  (Read 1665 times)


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Need advice on how to handle this....
« on: Feb 08, 2004, 06:56:09 PM »
We live in MN, if that makes any difference. DH was awarded joint custody of his kids on Dec 24. Some of you may remember that BM filed this order behind our backs so that she could take the kids from him on Christmas. Anyway, it was a proposal that was presented to her in Sept that stated DH would continue to pay full amount of CS until June 2005. Well, in court in Dec, it was agreed that he would continue these payments until she was no longer enrolled in her current college program full time. We have filed to get the order corrected, but the court date isn't until April.

DH lost his job last week. We understand that even if he had not agreed to continue paying the full amount of support for an extended period, he would have to wait six months until he could ask to have it modified based on the joint custody. But now can he file to have it modified based on the fact that he lost his job?

By the way, we have been caring for the kids most of the time for well over a year, and we have that documented, but legally she had sole custody until December. Also, dh is not an irresponsible person who cannot hold down a job, like bm is. He was with the company for 16 years, and lost his job due to a structure change.


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