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Author Topic: MN Child Support Division is a JOKE!!!  (Read 1771 times)


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MN Child Support Division is a JOKE!!!
« on: Feb 13, 2004, 11:03:44 AM »
You ALL will love this one...

DH was awarded sole physical custody of ss on 1/6/04.  BM was ordered to start paying child support on 2/1/04 (like that will ever happen!).

MNCS continues to garnish DH's wages.  His attorney spoke with them on 1/9/04, and 1/23/04 followed up by a fax.  I sent them a fax earlier this week of the court order and the copy of the fax that attorney had sent them.

I spoke with someone today, and she said that they are continuing to garnish DH's wages because they are not sure if they BELIEVE THE COURT PAPERS.

Basically, the papers say that DH gets sole physical custody and that BM is to pay CS, but it does not expressly say that DH is to stop paying CS, so they're not sure.  They feel they need to talk to the couny attorney office for verification.

DUH!  If he has custody, and BM is to pay CS to him, then WHY would he pay HER????  Just because she's a woman on welfare???  Because she'd rather snort every dollar she gets up her nose than care for her son???

I called our attorney and he actually had to put me on hold because he was laughing so hard!  He said he knew there were idiots at the CS office, but this one topped the cake.  Fortunetly, he said he'll call the county attorney and have him call the CS office directly to put a fire under their rears.




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