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Author Topic: Here's a good one....  (Read 1516 times)


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Here's a good one....
« on: Apr 13, 2004, 05:26:27 AM »
Got a letter from MN CSE last week.  It said that their records show OSD is going to turn 18 soon and that CS ended at age 18, unless the child was in secondary school, then at age 20.  If OSD was still in secondary school, dh needed to contact CSE to continue CS.  If he didn't contact them, CSE would no longer collect current CS for OSD effective on her 18th birthday but CSE would continue to collect arrears owed to dh.

Here's the "funny" part(s).  Pbfh hasn't owed current support for any of the kids since April 2003 because she was homeless and jobless and on general assistance through the county (continued to receive food stamps till about 2 months ago).

Even better??  Pbfh has had custody of OSD since October 1.  CSE should have received a copy of that order since it specifically stated that no current CS would be owed by either party since they each had custody of one or more of their children.  AND pbfh filed for welfare benefits for OSD and herself immediately which opened up a current CS case with dh as the obligor with the SAME worker.

Wonder if pbfh got the same letter that dh did?

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