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Author Topic: Parent Alienation Crack Down - It Must STOP Please HELP!  (Read 2382 times)


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Parent Alienation Crack Down - It Must STOP Please HELP!
« on: May 16, 2004, 04:44:27 PM »

Can emancipation of a 16 year old, or other age for that matter, release a parent of having to pay legal support?

We divorced in CA and I took her to court trying to fight to have visitation after she blew an incident way out of proportion. The judge agreed she was out of line and even said he saw no reason for me to not have visitation but did NOT have the balls to demand the kids see me. In other words...his words said one thing but his ruling totally favored her actions.

No surprise there is it guys? Good old California system for ya.

Either way custody was left solely to her, no visitation unless the kids wanted it, and I am just a money tree and have been for over 5 years.

Of course, when my daughter was getting difficult for she and her new husband to handle, a phone call came my way....

"I think your daughter needs to spend time with her dad...I think she's having a tough time."

Truth is....the ex was having a tough time and needed a break..anyway...so it goes.

I now live in NV, been here only 6 months, they are in CA. I have no visitation, not my doing, and now my daughter won't take my calls because mommy once again is upset and has issues with daddy.

Any ideas are appreciated. I am tired of the fight as my kids are old enough now and I am ready to pull the plug. They know I love them and I will but I am tired of being a money bag for the old bag LOL.

My ex is much better off financially than myself, trust me, she's not hurting for money and she and her new hubby have plenty of toys.

I drive a 20 year old gas eater and barely get by financially but it's still not enough for her. I have paid child support on time and provided insurance for my children for well over 7 years.

On top of this I have NEVER claimed them for a deduction on taxes during this time.

Bottom line is...I was 1 week late on support and now she's back to her old crap. My daughter, 14 hangs up on me and I've not talked to my son for almost 5 years because of her hang ups and BS.

Sorry about the rant but I HAVE HAD IT! I have little money to fight and need some ideas and options from any of you that may have experienced this.

Please help with ideas and suggestions!

Frustrated Father


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RE: Parent Alienation Crack Down - It Must STOP Please HELP!
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2004, 08:47:20 PM »
has your daughter emancipated herself?  isn't that a legal process?  if she has it probably won't last.  and I think kids have to be at least 16 yrs old to be able to emancipated themselves.  lots of kids do that and then end up going back home.  it is too hard for them to go to school plus work in order to support themselves.  and most kids know in order to get ahead they need their education.

why don't you try sending flowers to your daughter...butter her up and try to work on your relationship with her.  

u are frustrated but you still need to pay cs.  i don't see how you can fight that.  


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RE: Parent Alienation Crack Down - It Must STOP Please HELP!
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2004, 09:16:43 AM »
Believe me if you could do that we would have by now. Sd quit coming with us when she was 9 and dh never went against the ex as not to make things harder. At first we thought sd would get tired of being a spoiled brat and would come back but her mom has fed so much C**p to this kid that she doesn't even need us.

We too are just evil people but not too evil to send a big portion of our paycheck every week to these people. We are down to a year and 3 months before we can say "to h$ll" to the whole lot of them. If the child is 16 and can't see though her mama crap then we will never be able to get her back. It is sad and we have tried but you can only do so much. Too bad the courts who say we have to pay no matter what don't care about the relationship side and say the kids come no matter what. In Ohio the courts are all for the moms and the dads are just an open wallet waiting to be emptied. And that my dear is the cold hard truth. So grit your teeth and bare it and hope that one day this children will be relaseded from their moms evil grip and learn that dad loved them all along.

I swear these women should have never had kids if they never had the brains to raise them.


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RE: Parent Alienation Crack Down - It Must STOP Please HELP!
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2004, 04:36:27 PM »

I wanted to thank both of you for your input.

2 days ago I posted, or thought I posted, 2 individual indepth and heart felt replies but I was at work at the time.

I discovered after writing them that for some reason they did not post due to cookies not being configured from my work station!

I felt bad as I posted to each of you directly and appreciated your thoughts and consideration.

I'm much to tired to try to repost them but wanted to at least thank you for your interested and efforts.

I wish you all well in your endeavors.



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Lots of questions...
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2004, 05:49:37 PM »
Am I understanding that you have more than one child?
How old are all the children?
What, exactly, do your court orders say about custody/visitation? and how long ago was the most recent order?
More details please--
what part of CA are they in? curious...have a great attorney in So. Ca~


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RE: Parent Alienation Crack Down - It Must STOP Please HELP!
« Reply #5 on: May 21, 2004, 06:29:32 AM »
That is sad, but so true for so many. I wish the mothers could feel from the childs point of view and understand how important children (especially daughters) need theird fatehrs in their life. Even to know that they are loved.

I would write or send flowers or keep in constant contact to re-inforce your love as best you can. But fighting in court is worthless for dads. Unless teh mother is a druguser, abuser, or have  criminal record, dads never get anywhere in court.


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