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Author Topic: medical support question - new  (Read 1557 times)


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medical support question - new
« on: Aug 06, 2004, 02:09:42 AM »
I'm in Texas and am new to the process of child support. My question is this regarding medical support. Here is the backround. I have one DD, never married, the father refuses involvment with her. We are in the process of establishing CS our hearing is in September. I was laid off from my job prior to getting preg. and paying cobra for my medical. I could only get temp work during my pregnancy and could not afford to put my daughter on my medical. I put her on medicaid and so the AG in involved with my case.
Now here is my problem. I just got a new job that I start next week. I don't know if I should enroll my daughter on my new medical or not because ultimately I would like for him to cover her on his insurance. His has been with his company for over 7 years with no plans on changing and employment is much more stable than mine. My new job is sales based and I would don't know if I am going be successful or not. Also it is a very small company so the coverage is not very good (not many doctors, 80% coverage, high copays, very high deductables, and not to mention high premiums). I don't know if I should go ahead and enroll her because how will it reflect to the court if I don't enroll her on the plan that is available? However if I do and enroll her I am afraid the courts will not order him to put her on his medical. I am worried about it because if my job does not work out, than I lose the opportunity for her to be on his insurance and I will have to pay to go to court again to have him do it. Thanks in advance.  


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RE: medical support question - new
« Reply #1 on: Aug 06, 2004, 07:11:40 AM »
I don't know about TX but I know that here in NC my husband has to carry his son on his health insurance. This is part of the child support order. Birth mother pays all co-pays and any amounts not covered by insurance should she go to a doctor out of th network. The money husband pays for health insurance is included when determining how much child support he pays.
You could always put your daughter on your insurance but specify in the child support order that 1) he carries her on his insurance and 2) his insurance is primary and yours is secondary. That way, if your job doesn't work out your daughter will still have insurance coverage.
Hope this has helped.

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RE: medical support question - new
« Reply #2 on: Aug 06, 2004, 12:16:43 PM »
Put the child first.  Enroll the child NOW.

If the child needs medical attention and you choose not to get Health insurance he can argue that you are not taking “the Childs best interest” into consideration.  What would be your argument in court why you didn’t enroll your child?  “He has better insurance so I thought I would wait”.  Bad idea!

Get the health insurance.  It all comes out in the wash with CS.

Trust me. He being a man doesn’t have a chance in He!l with CS.  Since you are the women all you have to do is state you want him to be responsible to health insurance.  CS will side with you.  You have nothing to worry about.


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