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Author Topic: Hope -- CS for NCP  (Read 1205 times)


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Hope -- CS for NCP
« on: Aug 27, 2004, 06:54:14 PM »
I am new to all this but I have done a lot of research in regards to the child support laws in Illinios and also in Georgia.

I found a case Civil Action No. 2000 C 127--- it was great in brief I will tell you what the case was about:

CP was trying to get NCP to pay child support on three children. CP gross income per month$2647.50 and NCP gross income per month$1862. Plus the CP was taking the tax benefit every year. In the end the judge found the Georgia child support guidelines uncostiutional. And based on the findings that were presented by the Cost Shares Model that Mr. R. Mark Rogers (http://www.guidelineeconomics.com) put together.

Now if we could only get the rest of the states to see that the current child support is a profit for the CP then we would be doing something.

The problem is the CS laws were set in place by all the states so they would not loose there funding by the government which the government only gave them one year to implement a plan.  According to what I have read and researched there are three models that are used and each of these three models were based on the CP not working and staying at home raising the children and the NCP the one working providing for the family prior to the divorce.  Also I know for a fact that the Illinois CS law is based on the Wisconsin model which is based on a low income family.  This is were the problem lies, most CP are working and have a middle class income. Therefore the model should not be applied to the NCP since the model has not changed and neither have the law, in the end CP is making a profit if they are receiving CS along with the tax break.

Any thoughts...


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