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Author Topic: FOC child support Memo--Help  (Read 1171 times)


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FOC child support Memo--Help
« on: Oct 16, 2004, 09:20:40 AM »
Hi there,

I received this letter after questioning the stoppage and reduction in child support.  I actually believe that the amounts stated in the "Memo" are incorrect and higher.

Memo from Michigan FOC

To       Parent A
          Parent B

From: Account Supervisor

RE:     Divorce case #-----------

Memo:  Child support has been reinstated for both children effective August 19, 2004.  At this time, there is an arrearage of $1035.38 owed for child support.

Review of the file also indicates that the system incorrectly split the childcare amount between the children.  The Friend of the Court stated that pursuant to the Judgment of Divorce dated 10-19-94 that childcare is $34.33 per week ($149.34 per month) for 2 OR 1 child.  The portion previously charged for (child A) stopped 4-20-1994 but the full amount should have continued to be charged for (child B).  The corrected childcare arrearages owed as of today is $465.36.

I checked with the Friend of the Court on the process to have your child support reviewed.  He indicated that I cannot initiate it, but as it has been almost 10 years since child support issues have been reviewed that either of you can make a written request to this office requesting a review.

No signature.

In speaking with the Account Supervisor, he admits there are mistakes in the child support and obviously there are arrearages.  He stated that the FOC would order 1% to be paid back.  I find it hard to believe that this little amount as compared to other parents makes sense to order 1% repayment? Do they forget that the monies not paid created difficulties in paying for regularly everyday needs for the children?  It would seem to me that since the FOC is the one that created this error they should pay the amount and collect from Parent B.

Since they stated that child support was reinstated I took a chance and called the Child Support 1800 line.  Hmm the order has changed from $17.16 to $34.33 with a check supposedly having been sent on October 13, 2004.  (No Check Yet). Therefore, they have reinstated the Child Care one could assume.  The child support amounted stated in arrears on the phone was $239.99.  I do not know where that figure comes from.

This has been ten years of "Moron baloney" from the FOC.  I have not asked for an increase in child support in that time even though Parent B has an obligation assist financially towards child support.  By asking for a raise in the amount, all it would do is cause Parent B to increase his rudeness and take it out on the children.  At this point expenses are increasing but the FOC child support is not there to help offset the expenses.

I am so frustrated with these people.  Instead of a FOC check today, I received a correspondence/noticed sent by the FOC to my employer requesting that I provide medical insurance for my children.  Gee, I always have provided insurance and opted to take out the higher costing dental and optical.

Any suggestions/comments would be most welcomed.
Thanks in advance,


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