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Author Topic: Are Child Support Levels Too High?  (Read 1177 times)


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Are Child Support Levels Too High?
« on: Dec 10, 2004, 01:44:54 PM »

 Are Child Support Levels Too High?


According to economist R. Mark Rogers, "Child support guidelines currently in use by the U.S. states typically generate awards that are three to four times what they should be if based on economically sound cost tables and on a true equal duty of support standard for both parents" (emphasis added).

Rogers also believes that support levels have become so skewed in favor of custodial parents that even custodial parents with a substantially lesser income will still end up with a "significantly higher standard of living than the non-custodial parent." The situation is even more inequitable in cases where the custodial parent has a significantly higher income than the noncustodial.

Rogers of Guideline Economics believes that child support levels are too high in practically every U.S. state and has proposed a Cost Shares guideline which he says will remedy the problem. Debbie Kline is the Executive Director of the Association for Children for the Enforcement of Support, a nationwide organization which advocates higher child support levels and tougher child support enforcement. Mark and Debbie will join Glenn on His Side with Glenn Sacks on Sunday, December 12 at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST.

You can call the show at 1-800-439-4805.


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