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Author Topic: orders to provide copies of quarterly taxes to child's mother  (Read 1227 times)


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State: Missisissippi
Some background: Several years ago I had an affair which resulted in the birth of a child. I was at the time married with 2 children. My marriage and family survived the affair, much to my good fortune. I have been in and out of court with the mother of the "affair" baby since the child was born. The most recent development is I hve been ordered to provide a copy of all the quarterly taxes I file for my newly opened business to the "affair" mother along with my personal income tax returns. My question is can the judge have the legally require me to provide the quarterly statements to this woman?   Thanks.


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RE: orders to provide copies of quarterly taxes to child's mother
« Reply #1 on: Mar 28, 2005, 11:30:56 AM »

If you have been 'ordered' to do this, the judge already signed the order demanding this.  If you read through the posts on all these boards, you'll see that family court is a free for all.  There is no consistency, no rhyme or reason to rulings.  Much is decided on emotion and based on false allegations.

Did you have an atty?  Did you attempt to fight this before it was ordered.

Check you state statutes regarding increases in child support.  My DH's jurisdiction is Michigan.  In MI, the Friend of the Court will review the child support calculation every 2 years if asked for an increase and it's got to be more than $25/week to be granted.  If you need a decrease, it's got to be more than 10% to be granted.  However, if the petitioning party uses an attorney, the can ask the court for increase/decrease as often as they want because the parties are using their own attorneys rather than utilizing court resources to analyze it.

Welcome to the rest of your life......

and I may not need to remind you but you're very blessed to have your wife and your family standing behind you on this.  I hope they know you appreciate them and you might reinforce this to them.   This is going to continue to be a stressful burden on them as well.  


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