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Author Topic: We lost them  (Read 8749 times)


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A prediction...
« Reply #50 on: Jan 01, 2005, 02:07:27 PM »
Coming from the BTDT NCP BM and NCP BD.....yep, we get it from both our EXs.....

The next hurdle will be to convince the CP to put the kids on the plane, period.

BOTH of ours give us a hard time -- it's almost like clockwork, totally predictable.

They want to dictate and we (in both our cases) foot the entire bill....

Ah but yes, the CP will be paying half....so she might actually cooperate (in her best interest too to keep the costs DOWN)....

DH might want to even consider going to GET the kids himself......I know expenses, but after not getting to see them for SOOO long, something he might want to consider.

DH's EX is "in trouble" right now for pulling these stunts with Dad by not sending SS when she's supposed to.  My EX -- well, he hemmed, hollerred, wrote nasty letters, BUT he did put our son on the plane this year.

Just a prediction and most of all -- good luck!

You can PM me the two major cities (if you'd like) and maybe I can help figure out reasonable cheap transportation options....


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RE: Anger management classes??? Hagatha has the answer
« Reply #51 on: Jan 01, 2005, 06:30:27 PM »
Yes I did notice what the order stated.  What kind of drugs is this judge on, anyway?

Request the visit cover 4 weeks during the summer.  Be prepared to pay the whole damn airfare, though.  Of course, little miss game player will yank your chain on this.  Sorry to be negative,  one can only hope that this will work out until you have another avenue to pursue.

I think I know your frustration level at this point.  You can't negotiate with a terrorist.....


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I would be careful with the letters from school
« Reply #52 on: Jan 01, 2005, 07:56:59 PM »
I understand you mean well, but SS's mom did this after she relinqueshed custody in Sept of this year.

The counselor that he was going to stated that it was not in the kids best interest and that mom was being detrimental to his mental health.  Mom is now restricted in her phone conversations and postal mail.  All must be monitored.

Be careful!  Do send the pictures and packages though


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