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Author Topic: Kat....two more days.... :)  (Read 1450 times)


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Kat....two more days.... :)
« on: Sep 12, 2005, 09:09:27 AM »
I'm doing my cheerleading hoorah for you! Big finish with a cartwheel and splits! Yeah your just two days away from being done! Enjoy the freedom that has been long deserved sweetie! :)

Ahhh to be the only wife now.... as far as I'm concerned the ex wife never existed now that we don't have to pay her any money. It's a beautiful life.


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Another battle! :(
« Reply #1 on: Sep 12, 2005, 09:32:20 AM »
So we get a letter from CSE stating that c/s doesn't end until the last day of month when the child turns 18. I called there, I wanted them to supply me with the VA Family Law code and/or where it is written according to VA law that c/s has to be provided past the 18th birthday. Basically she couldn't give me an answer but to say "If it's not paid until the 30th then the account will go into arrears. It will be listed on Mr. KAT's credit report and sent before the judge for contempt where he could face jail time". I said fine, do that because I can't find WHERE it says until the end of them month and if you can't provide the information then I guess we'll have to leave it up to the judge. I think it's something you folks made up in order to get more money from the Feds.
Geez, we aren't talking about a 100 bucks here we are talking over 1,000. Kid hasn't lived with here since January, she tells everyone Mr. KAT isn't paying. She's supporting herself with it, buying smokes, beer, Bon-bon's, Ho-ho's & pot...getting fatter & fatter, uglier & uglier. She's wronged everyone in her life so horribly that she can barely find a floor to sleep on. (I get info from ex husbands new girl-friend.) It even says in the C/S/E handbook that if the custodial parent need c/s continued past the child's 18th BIRTHDAY then they must contact c/s/e six months in advance.
Called Hubby's HR dept. & the lady told me that the court order states it ends on the child's  18th BIRTHDAY, nothing about garnishment past that date. She said unless she hears from c/s/e differently then she's pro-rating it & that's what they are getting.
AHHHH, I just want to pull my hair out!!
Thanks for your support!!!


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