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Author Topic: CS and Daycare?  (Read 1596 times)


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CS and Daycare?
« on: May 18, 2006, 09:43:40 AM »
This is not a question for myself, but a friend. He resides in Illinois, where order is too. Poor guy hired some so called Fathers Rights Attorneys Big Wig Firm here in STL  and got hosed!  Cordell and Cordell, 4000 later he lost the house his parents paid the down payment on, and if he works on Wed evenings, she will not let him make it up.

He pays 20% (about 180) of his bi-weekly AND 125.00 for DC, this is EVERY 2 weeks! I have never heard of such, his daughter will be 5 in Aug. PLUS he pays for half of her insurance.

Is this normal?

Thanks again for your help.

A_Boring MO


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Yes it is.....very normal in IL......
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2006, 10:19:18 AM »
CS is based on a percentage of net (or take home) pay for number of children have.  1 child means 20% CS.

Since the child is 5, the day care costs are higher right now then it will be when in school all day long.  Paying 1/2 of day care is normal.  

Questions on this:  is the day care part of the CS calculation or is it something that he will pay separately?  Hopefully it is separate b/c then as the amount decreases during the school year, then he should only pay that amount.

One thing he may want is have it that she have to provide him a receipt within XX amount of days and he pay 1/2 of that day care receipt to her in XX amount of days.  This way he won't be paying a set amount even if it was lower for whatever reason. You know she will want the full 1/2 if the amount becomes higher but will she actually tell him the amount is lower when it happens?

As for insurance, paying 1/2 of the cost is actually quite good.  Many have to provide insurance for the children and foot the bill in full.  Of course you will need to make sure the amount he is paying is 1/2 of the cost for child and not for BM and child.


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