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Author Topic: Illinois Child Support - Please HELP!  (Read 4815 times)


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Backround boyfriend/fiancé:

The relationship between 17yr old and boyfriend/fiancé is a serious one. They are going to get married. We were skeptical at first, but have come to know him very well and give them our blessings.

Boyfriend/fiancé is about a year older and has graduated high school. He is a very HARD worker with a good work ethic.

Yes he has a job. And it's a VERY GOOD one too. Right now he makes more than me with his starting wage. :O

Yes he is helping to support his family. (17yr old and baby.)


The point of having them come to live with us:
They both wanted to get out of BM's house. She was driving them nuts. Plus BM lives in a town @ 30 away. All family, BM's and DH's is in our town.
They are wanting to get out on their own VERY badly. Enough so that they were willing to just jump right into it all. We talked with them a lot about coming to stay with us and save money for at least a couple monthes before jumping into a situation with rent, utilities, ect. We know we can't make desisions for them... but we can teach them about making good ones.



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RE: UPDATE: Illinois Child Support - Please HELP!
« Reply #11 on: Jun 17, 2006, 04:44:03 PM »
Illinois has a standard minimal table they go by:

750 ICLS 5/505(a)1)
Child support is determined by Illinois statutes. Those laws use a percentage of the paying spouse's net income, after certain specified deductions, as the basis for the child support calculation:

# of children  Percentage of income
1 20%
2 28%
3 32%
4 40%
5 45%
6 or more 50%


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