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Author Topic: CA family courts are corrupt - class action lawsuit filed - you can join....  (Read 3135 times)


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Email me for info to join, I just need an email to send you the info.
My email is: js280@sbcglobal.net

Class action lawsuit against CA family courts!Have you been denied your, and your child's, Constitutional rights by the California Family Courts?? Well here's your chance to have it heard by a higher court, as part of a class action suit.

If you're interested in this, and motivated enough to do something for your own, as well as your child's good, then I'll be happy to share more info about how to join the suit, etc.

**NOTE: I will NOT be giving advice or direction to anyone, I've got my own life to deal with. I am trying to show you that it's NOT over, despite what the courts may have said.

This is open to any parents, both M & F, who feel the courts have NOT followed the law & implemented equal custody rights as they are written.


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Please send information to me at: Justice4court@aol.com
I'm with a group of people who are interested.  I've been trying to contact you but I'm not getting a response.

Please contact me.

Thank you


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