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Author Topic: New. Dad. Div/Cust ongoing. 4yr-son. Wife alienating, criminal allegations, and other to get full custody. Emotional issues. Monitor Request.  (Read 3884 times)


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I came across SPARC from a link at a Borderline Personality Disorder site.  
I'm going through a divorce.  My wife has alienated me from our 4yr old son for the past year.  She has claimed spousal abuse, rape/sexual assault, mental instability, and more.  She made the same claims against her first husband, and their children are 11yrs and 9yrs.  My wife has some emotional problems (mood swings, praises me then demonizes, blames, criticizes in front of children, never at fault, etc).  Her psych profile says she has narcissistic and histrionic personality.  Her family knows she is highly dramatic and her first divorce was ugly.  She plays the victim, becomes unreasonable and irrational, and blames others for everything.  Her first husband's psych profile says he has anti-social personality and seeks to be manipulative and believes he's above social law/norms.  He's not trustworthy, but my wife made him look like a horrible, dangerous person with all her allegations and even accused him of molesting their daughter, but now they joint parent, attend the children's activities together, and I am categorized as the evil, dangerous guy.  I'm a great dad and her family knows so, but blood is thicker than water and they continue to enable her.  She is saying I'm a violent sociopath with borderline personality disorder, yet all her traits show that she could be borderline.  She has made numerous criminal complaints and filed for restraining orders and it has taken the better part of a year to get supervised visitation with my son.  I want what is best for him, but not only was he taken away from a parent, which has to be detrimental (no contact from 39 mos. old - 49 mos. old), but now is trying to readjust and figure out who dad is.  And now she is demonizing his father (saying harmful things, telling him bad things about me) to his siblings and him, just as she used to do in front of her oldest two children about their father.  
My son is more important to me than anything in this world.  I want what is best for him and am extremely concerned about his emotional and psychological well-being.  I have no money and my wife is 110% financially supporter by her movie actor brother.
Please advise.


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