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Author Topic: Dare to disagree  (Read 2593 times)


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Dare to disagree
« on: Nov 21, 2004, 12:58:35 AM »
Friends and family,

As many of you know, on June 2, 2004, a court made a ruling divorcing me from my daughter.  When I filed for divorce, I asked to be divorced from my wife.  I wanted an ex-wife – not an ex-daughter.  I even went back to the initial divorce filing to make sure that’s what it said, just in case my attorney made an error.  (It did.)  So, why is it that a divorce from my wife allowed a so-called “court of justice” to almost completely remove me from my daughter’s life?

On November 19, I filed my appellate brief (now posted to my site at http://www.loveisearned.com/html/appellate%20brief.htm) that challenges almost ever divorce law in the state of Illinois.  I now have to wait 35 days until my ex-wife files her reply brief, at which time I have 14 days to file a response to their reply.  Logically, they don’t have to file any reply brief at all, as my appeal doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.  Why?  Do you really think that the appellate courts are more honest or have a higher sense of morality than the circuit courts?  Nonsense – they are all corrupt, which is why I am here in the first place.  The reason the terrorists in the circuit courts get away with this is because the appellate courts allow them.  (But, I digress.)

Regardless, they will file a reply, as the ridiculous amount of fees they spend to do so will be paid by me.  (Yes, 2 months after I was “granted” my divorce, they filed a petition with the court to have me pay all of THEIR fees for fighting the appeal.  While they were at it, they also filed a petition to increase my so-called “child support” because they didn’t think the exorbitant amount that the circuit court gave them was enough.  Care to wonder why a court will now steal more money from me after I’m divorced?  Why is not a question that you ask when dealing with “family” and/or appellate courts.  Do you know they can do this to me for the rest of my life for no reason whatsoever?  But, I digress.)

I don’t expect the appellate court to, all-of-a-sudden, after decades of protecting this fraud that destroys our children and our families, get a conscious and do the right thing.  They have no motivation to do so, and I understand that.  If they rule these statutes unconstitutional, that reduces the state’s power, the court’s power, and the state will lose tens of millions of dollars.  Why in hell would they ever do such a thing?  The happiness of an innocent, 5-year old girl and her father are of no consequence in comparison to the power and money that these illegal statutes give the states and “officers of the court.”  I know all this.  My daughter and I are nobody – we have no power, no control, no guns, and nothing to offer these corrupt judges to give us back the freedom that they’ve stolen from us.  And, as I never do, I won’t now ask for a favor of honesty from them, nor will I beg.

I’ve spent years of my life battling this fraud, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to spend the rest of my life doing so.  But, they’ve taken away my most precious freedoms for no reason whatsoever, so I have nothing better to do with my time or energy anyway.  In the meantime, my daughter will grow-up effectively without a father in her life.  All because their power and their money were more important than the happiness of some random 5-year old child.

All of my efforts at this point are just going through the motions as I work my way up to the U.S. Supreme Court.  It’s the only court that matters, and it’s the only court that will potentially have any courage to admit that taking children away from loving, safe parents is never in the “best interest of the child.”  The best I can do in this situation is present the U.S. Supreme Court rulings and a document that used to be known as the “highest law of the land,” and ask these terrorists to do what is morally and legally right.  At the point of their gun, they give me no other alternatives.

Putting together all of these documents, learning the law and the legal process in the makeshift/under-fire way that I’ve had to, suffering as I have, living on almost no sleep, and standing up for my daughter does nothing for me to get back the rights that the court and the state stole from me.  You may then ask:  why do I even bother?  I will tell you:  someday, an innocent, little girl is going to grow up and learn the truth that, even though very bad people took her away from her father by force, her father loved her.

They have taken away my rights.  They have taken away my daughter.  They have taken away most all of my property.  But, when my daughter is old enough to understand, she will know that, even at the point of their guns, they were not strong enough or powerful enough to take away my principles or to take away my love for her.  She will know that she was the sole reason why I would never be broken by them.  And for her to know that she alone, at 5 years old, provided me that strength to maintain my principles and my love for her, I will accept the torture they will continue to inflict on me.  As a father, I couldn’t have taught her anything more important.

I continue to be indebted to the Center for Children’s Justice for the assistance they continue to provide and the strength of their capable shoulders.  I will continue to post a status to my site every so often for those who are interested.

- B.

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