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Author Topic: ESAW here.. got a friend that is in need of some help..  (Read 3108 times)


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ESAW here.. got a friend that is in need of some help..
« on: Aug 19, 2004, 07:49:17 AM »
Hey.. got a q for a friend of mine. He is getting divorced after 20 years. His wife has worked for the past 15 of those years as a PT. He works in the IT field and makes roughly 2x what she does. The STBX owns a house (it is in her name only and was inherited while they were married) separately from the marital home. Here is the gist. The STBX is very bitter about the impending divorce and is trying to milk the guy for everything. (What is new there?) The guy really tried to do right by her. They have two children (16 & 13). For the past 5 years, even though she worked as a PT making pretty decent money, he paid all the bills with his salary and she got her money as ‘mad money’. The year that they were separated before he began initiating the divorce, he paid all the bills too, (I know big mistake) so that she can get herself together and look to stand on her own.
Fast forward to present. Her atty has wrung him thru the wringer with discovery trying to prove an affair (there was none). They can’t so now they are going for the jugular. They are presently getting 1500 a month in CS for the two kids. She has asked for 2000 a month in alimony for the next 20 years. He has fought it all the way. He was willing to give her 800 a month to pay for the house until the youngest graduated from high school so the kids don’t have to move. She is claiming 6000 a month in expenses. How this is I don’t know. The judge they have is very much pro mother and has insinuated that he will approve the 2000 a month in alimony & 1500 in CS for the next 8 years (until the youngest graduated from college). In addition, the guy must pay for all the college and provide the children with a vehicle once they turn 16.. Keep in mind, this guy is a contractor and make 98K a year.. so it isn’t like there is that much of a discrepancy in the two salaries.
I need some case law where this guy can get some help.. any advice??? BTW.. this is in KY.


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