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Author Topic: Missing Children  (Read 6516 times)


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Missing Children
« on: Apr 22, 2006, 10:58:27 AM »
Dear sir or madam,
My name is Staff Sergeant Bobby Terrell.  I am a soldier who has recently returned from the war in Iraq.  I have two children that I have had trouble reaching in the Cadiz area.  They are Chelsea (age 9) and Bryan (age 8) Terrell who live with their mother (Amanda Burchnell).  For the past few months it has been very difficult to contact her or my two young children.  I haven't been able to reach them at all in the past 2 weeks on any given day.  My children are of school age and should be attending at a local Trigg county elementary school.  I am concerned because I feel my parental rights are being trampled here, and that my assignment overseas is being taken advantage of.  Can you assist me by finding out their current health status, how they are doing in school there, and urge Amanda to comply with the law stating my Joint Custody rights?

I believe I am experiancing the following due to recent deployment to Iraq and want my case brought to court.

Parental alienation syndrome occurs when one parent, usually the custodial parent in a custody proceeding, attempts to alienate the other parent and remove them from the child's life.  Parental alienation most often involves one parent taking every conceivable effort to minimize and ostracize the other parent in the hopes of placing the though in the child's mind that the other parent is no longer the true parent of the child.

Can you help?


Bobby Terrell
SSG, US Army (Active)


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