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Author Topic: Happy New Year!  (Read 2178 times)


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Happy New Year!
« on: Dec 29, 2005, 03:12:28 PM »
Wow, I survived Christmas. This has been the most stressful holiday season of my life, and dh too. Now my kids have jumping up and down playing with new toys and eating candy all day long for the last 4 days. These nice little vacations remind me that I certainly don't have what it takes to be a home-school mom.

BM has done a complete 180 w/her attitude. One day she was calling and threatening to take dh to court and recording every phone call and saying we brainwashed her kids so they won't talk to her. The next, she called and invited us all--including my kids over for dinner so we could all talk and start to get along. It's nice that she's stopped being so mean, but what ss can't understand is that dh and I don't trust her because she is a liar and manipulator and think it's only a matter of time before she goes back to her old self. She still won't go to treatment and isn't taking ua's to prove she's sober, she hasn't done that since last summer. DH ran into one of her friends about a month ago and he said that she is still using.

The kids did go over to visit her along w/her parents and grandparents for Christmas, but sd still refuses to talk to her on the phone. They have a cs hearing coming up in Jan, and she's starting to get weird again. She said something to ss about moving because she can't afford to stay where she is living. She told him a couple weeks ago that she is going to the dr. to see what's wrong with her bones because her broken foot won't heal. I almost laughed out loud! Duh! Do ya think maybe it has something to do with the poison she's been smokin? Yeah, maybe that's why her teeth are falling out of her head too. I can't believe she worked in health care and she can't put that together. All I have to do is open the newspaper and see how those drugs destroy people's bones and teeth and brains and everything else. Anyway, now I guess she is going to say she can't pay cs because if she works she might break another bone or something.


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