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Author Topic: I'll be the first! Question about DJO's  (Read 2879 times)


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I'll be the first! Question about DJO's
« on: Jan 11, 2006, 03:25:46 PM »
Guess Ill be the first here..

Long story short....

my dh has custody of his dd.  dh and the ex recently went to court because his ex filed a family access pet.  She lied of course, but prove it....right?

Soooo a djo was assigned to the case.  We were also mandated to exchange custody at the heritage house - a safe exchange place and its also to prove to the judge who is REALLY being the a$$.

Welp...the ex has messed up already about 4 times an the djo is clearly siding with her and making her mistakes our fault.  For instance...mom didnt return the child on Sunday as court ordered at th heritage house, after being reported by the heritage house to the djo, the ex told djo that me..."the stepmom" said she could keep her till Monday...um duh For one...I do not talk to the x. Two...the djo turned it around to be our fault that mom didnt bring the kid back.

Anyway.  there is sooo much more, but just wanna know....can i and how can i request another djo be assigned to our case?

Thanks if anyone is out there, ha!


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