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Author Topic: false child molestation by division of family services/  (Read 3092 times)


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hello my name is christine me and my husband keith have three kids 2boys and a little girl  my l oldest boy now 11 years old has told his dad my now ex husband that my husband now touched him out side his clothes the reports that dfs has filed on us tells 3 diffrent stories there stories conflicting they say all this happened when i  was at work but I'v got my work records show i was home not at work.this  did not happen aslo my son recanted his story but they took my kids they made me take a child protecten order out and i let my husband come home for a day or so and now he has a warrent out for 2 charges one that is false we never were told about. we are poor and need help his bound is $50,000 cash does any one know were to get help my husband is innocent and can prove it with lots of proof but no one will listen to us help. and my 8 year old son even said it didn't happen. And my son is bypolor and he is add and adhd.And has night terrors. and if you know of anybody who does cases for free or probono, or any information i can get let me know.

Thanks Christine.


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