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I Believe My Brother And His Two Daughters Are Victim's Of PAS. His X-wife There Mother Who Basically Abandoned Them For Six Years Decided She Was Now Ready To Be A Parent They Had Very Little Contact With Her Over The Six Years Not Because They Weren't Allowed To See Her Or Spend Time With Her It Was Her Decision Not To Be Involved In There Lives Except On Occasion. Last Year During There Christmas Break They Went For A Visit To Colorado When It Came Time For Them To Come Home Which Is The Only Home They Have Ever Known She Then Decided That They Were Not To Return To New Mexico. When We Went To Court My Brother Couldn't Afford A Lawyer So He Attempted To Defend Himself Against Her Lawyer That Her Mother Hired. He Basically Got Railroaded By The Court System Which Did Not Help Him In Any Way Even Though He Has Been The Primary Care Giver For The Six Years She Wasn't There. She Is Now Refusing To Let Him See Them At All Even Though He Is Supposed To Be Able To See Them. The Last Time She Has Allowed Him To See Them Was Last Summer. He Was Supposed To See Them Over There Spring Break This Year And He Went To Meet Her At The Meeting Place And She Never Showed So He Went To Colorado In An Attempt To See His Children And Was Refused That And He Even Tried To Get Them(Her And Her Husband) To Let Them Stay In Colorado And Be Able To Visit Them Her And Her Husband Refused That Too, Meanwhile Both Children Were Standing At The Window Crying, Wanting To See There Father. The Rest Of Our Side Of The Family Is Refused Just About Every Request To See Or Speak Too Them No Letters,E-mails, or Phone Calls. He Has Finally Been Able Too Afford A Lawyer And I Don't Believe The Lawyer Or The Court System Has Any Knowledge Of PAS. Also On The Rare Occasion That Our Side Of The Family Has Been Able Too See The Children They Show The Symptoms Of PAS Especially The Eldest Child(Tiffany 12) Which Seems To Be In The Last Stages. The Youngest Child(Sabrina 9) The Last Time The Children Were Contacted Was Showing Signs Of Severe Depression Because She Wants To Be With Here Father Which Is The Only Parent She Has Ever Really Known. The Last Time My Nieces Were There For A Visit The Youngest Sabrina Had To Be Physically Removed. We Are Desperately Trying To Find A Way To Bring Attention To The Situation Which Is Being Ignored From The State Of New Mexico, The Court Systems, The Government, And Any Other Organization That I Have Tried Countlessly To Contact And Inform Them Of The Situation. Any Help,Support, Or Information Would Be Extremely Appreciated.
Thank You Very Much,
Teresa Main And Family



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Please contact me.  I am trying to gather enough people to change the laws in this state one more voice will help.  I just started my battle also with the child support enforcment agency.  Conact me at loans2u@qwest.net.


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