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Author Topic: PKPA not enforced  (Read 7339 times)


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PKPA not enforced
« on: Nov 29, 2008, 12:07:44 PM »
My ex- mother-in-law filed for custody of my son behind my back.  The courts gave me notice of nothing but the final order of court.   Since then she has taken off and I do not know where she is living so I cannot file for anything.
The police refuse to help me and tell me to go to the courts and get a lawyer.  i am out of money and do not know where to turn.  I have have to go to work and travel all the miles to chase down leads that just never pan out. 
She gained custody illegally and then just took off


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Re: PKPA not enforced
« Reply #1 on: Nov 30, 2008, 08:57:15 PM »
Am in PA....not sure how that would work.  Know that someone can file for temporary custody if they think the child is in danger or neglected or something on those sorts.  You may just have to go to the courts and file to regain custody.  Not sure but I know my SS's BM got a public defender for a custody case invovling her daughter, maybe you could check into that if the funds are tight.  Atleast attempt it until you can put some money aside for an attorney.  Have been doing a lot of research about custody in the sate of PA....will let you know if I come across anything that may help you!!!  Good Luck and God Bless!!!
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