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Author Topic: Child support with Mental Diability  (Read 3439 times)


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Child support with Mental Diability
« on: Mar 24, 2004, 07:16:53 AM »

           Child support and medical support was denied by the Attorney General's Office because NCP parent has a mental disability and is drawing SDI (State Disability Insurance) from the State of Texas. Also this same parent was charged with Child Endangerment last year.

Grandparents have temporary possessory conservatorship (NCP) and visitation through Bextar County Texas court system. Also the court order states they are to pay child support and medical of which I've never received a penny. It does not state an amount.

1). Will anyone ever have to pay child support or medical support on this child?

2). Will grandparents just continue to have temporary visitation indefinately?

3) Can I asked the the court or the Attorney General to have the grandparents pay the child support, since the court order states they are the possessory conservators?

4) Has there ever been a case where the mother has a mental illness and is on state disibiity and the grandparents were given temporary possessory conservatorship and were made to pay Child support?

I need help here fellow Texans for my cousin





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RE: Child support with Mental Diability
« Reply #1 on: Mar 30, 2004, 02:54:52 PM »
Have you tried filing for benefits for the child with the state.  If I understand you correctly your X is receiving disability benefits from the state and/or social security.  I believe you can file on the child's behalf for dependent benefits.  This should not be hard to find out.  Call the office granting your X benefits and ask them about dependent benefits.  I know with social security it is possible.  My current wife is collecting social secruity disabiity and if we were the CP we could get benefits for my daughter from the previous marriage.  However, being the NCP it is not worth the hassle of dealing with my X.



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