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Author Topic: I know a lot about the law but....  (Read 2937 times)


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I know a lot about the law but....
« on: Jul 30, 2007, 05:06:40 PM »
I know a lot about the law but, I would like to know what you all would sugest for the following situation.

I recently became devorced for the second time, no children, I gladly gaave up on the house because I simply did not want to stay in the area.  She absolutly did not want to get devorced however she kind of forced the issue when she filed a police report stating that I said "I'm going to set you striaght bitch and show you who's in charge" and stating that I threw my son across the Mc'Donalds play place area.  All of which was false and the latter documented via CCTV to be false.  Not being satisfied with that she chose to then tell the CPS that I was an abusive monster, beat the children (I have two), and had in appropriate material on the computer (Child Porn).  After having my life turned upside down for a while (4 months) the CPS is finally got off of my case.
All ultimatly proven to be false.

What do I do now, she still hasn't stopped.  I don't want to go to west texas to confront her in court, I reasonbly fear for my ability to return, they (Her family) has stated that they would make me pay for devorcing her dearly whether they have to kill me, find a way to send me to jail, or something else.  The prosicuter up ther refuses to file charges of false reporting, and for me to file cival tort would take a personal appearance.


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