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Author Topic: Do nothing and pay more in child support...!!  (Read 2902 times)


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Do nothing and pay more in child support...!!
« on: Feb 21, 2007, 11:41:51 PM »
For those who already cannot afford the child support obligation set by the state, you need to act NOW!

A bill has recently been introduced to the House Judiciary committee that advocates raising your child support obligation.


Instead of accountability, equal DOCUMENTED financial contributions of BOTH
parents, without a study of the TRUE costs of raising a child, and without
an increase in salary or consideration of subsequent children and other family members..without any research, reasoning, or rationale, a bill has been presented with no other motive but to increase child support transfer
payments of child support payors across the board.

Here's what you can do:

Click on the names of the following representatives and tell them what you think about having to pay MORE child support.

Send them an email, a fax AND give them a phone call. You must contact each one of these senators and tell them how you feel about having your child support













I'll be sending a message that they should vote NO on HB2315 ~ !!

While you are at it, tell them you DO support Senator Moeller's efforts with HB1009. He's a real hero and a champion for convening a group to study the child
support tables, HB1009 has been thoughtfully considered and will provide an answer to what it really costs to raise a child and how subsequent families and children, and how residential time spent should decrease the payor's child sport burden. And we all know that more time with the kids is more valuable
than throwing money at a problem.


Then make sure you are signed up for our newsletter

We can keep you posted about next steps and other actions you can take to ensure yourself a voice in the Legislature and in Family Court.

Another resource to refer to is The Other Parent

You'll find news about shared parenting in WA State, and another opportunity to make your voice heard in Olympia. The Other Parent and washingtonsharedparenting.com are great places to get involved for those who are feeling helpless and trapped in the system. And they need you too!

The Other Parent was founded on the belief that children need both parents. We believe, in the absence of abuse or neglect, both parents have an equal right to legal and physical joint custody of their child. We also believe that both men and women should be held to the same financial obligation for care of their child. We have dedicated ourselves to serving the best interests of all children by advocating equality and accountability in the family court system.


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