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Author Topic: Where is everyone?  (Read 850 times)


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Where is everyone?
« on: Feb 17, 2005, 12:18:43 PM »
Well it has been a while since I posted--in fact I had to reregister--lol  Well I was one usually in chat anyway  and not too much on the forums--althugh I do read every one.   I do know however that I have noticed that chat is not as busy as it once was.  As for me--well I needed a break.  Sometimes after helping others and hearing all the injustices that are done --well you do get burned out and need to step back a bit.  Well I hope to be back into chat on a regular basis now.  I did need a little breather though.  And this is for all you regulars out there---Get back into chat at night---We need a "SAM" night--lol



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Need a break
« Reply #1 on: Feb 17, 2005, 03:20:32 PM »
I understand what you are saying. Sometimes not meaning too you can get yourself emotionally involved in the problems of other people. The injsutice can often frustrate you to the point you jsut want to go postal (no offense to the fine people of the US postal service).
I try to help here when I can or offer my 2 cents worth. I dunno if anyone can say I acutally "helped" them though..haha.
I have tried to become more active in the activist side of the issue I guess. I still get to hear the terrible stories from people who have been through Hell and back, but I take some comfort in that fact that I will see an end to this injustice in my lifetime.  I'm not some crazed radical putting on Spiderman outfits and scaling the Sears Tower or anything (although I believe there is a need for these kind of attention getting people in our fight).
Anyway this is my way I guess of saying hello or welcome back. We can use all the good people we can get here...I am messing up the average..haha.

Chris Alexander
The Ribbon Guy


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