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Author Topic: Get this....bias with a plus  (Read 5948 times)


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RE: friendly debate only...
« Reply #30 on: Mar 23, 2005, 08:56:18 PM »
Although I agree with you that violence against men is not recognized as it should be - there is something to be said about "target audiences" too when it comes to things like this.

The letter was not on the editorial page of the Chicago Sun Times written for the entire public to see, or in the Sears catalog flyer which is seen by both men and women, this letter was addressed to consumers of Fashion Bug - those consumers being women.

I've been an unfortunate male stuck in a "Bug" while my wife shopped. It's a harrowing experience of pastel colors and no where to sit. Men have no business in a FB store as far as I'm concerned, so it shouldn't be expected that they be a focus of any letters, articles or otherwise.

It is not the CEO of Fashion Bug's job or responsibility to educate the consumers on the full issues of domestic violence. It's enough she even brings the subject to the table. Just because she only mentions men in passing does not mean she isn't aware of DV against men, but when you are looking to touch the hearts (and the wallets) of your primary consumer, you write your letter, article, advertisement, etc. to appeal to them.

There is no reason to go half cocked over a letter that mentions DV when it is really only being used as a marketing tool, and not an educational one. Sure she quotes a statistic, but look at it for what it is, an eye catcher - just like the "buy one get one free" posters they put in the window.


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An issue you forgot to mention...
« Reply #31 on: Mar 23, 2005, 09:32:12 PM »
I do not feel it appropriate considering the age ranges of most of their customers. It is a store geared toward young adults, teenagers and I am bothered by the message they are sending to so many daughters out there, who have fathers.

You need to look at the overall picture....


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RE: I don't think that the letter was biased.
« Reply #32 on: Mar 24, 2005, 10:46:22 AM »
Please re-read the letter.  You are correct in that she did say "...domestic abuse is a serious problem for both men and women.", however the opening sentence in the letter is as follows "Did you know that a woman is physically abused every 9 seconds in the United States".  There is no mention of the rate at which men are abused and I doubt that statistic even exists for that would require some organization or angency to care enough to track these events.

Ms. Berns' bias is confirmed not only in the first sentence, but in the first part of the sentence that you quoted which reads "Whether a man repeatedly beats his girlfriend, uses intimidation to make her feel afraid, or denigrate her consistently to convince her she has no worth, domestic abuse is a serious problem for both men and women."  

Additionally, para:4 sent: 2 states "Women and their children suffer from the pain of abuse, ...". Not only does this sentence further establish her bias, but it implies that children are the domain of women and men have no interest in, concern for, or right to the children.   Further along in the letter Ms Berns state 3 statistics (without sources)

Medical services for women total an estimated $857 million dollars every year.

Battering is the leading cause of pregnancy complications.

Domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness for women and children.

Finally inthe closing paragraph she writes "As women, we have the power to accept domestic abuse or stop it now."

The Rak


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