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Author Topic: Here we go again...  (Read 698 times)


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Here we go again...
« on: Jul 31, 2005, 11:58:22 PM »
Dh sent BM a certified letter stating when he would be exercising his weekend plus 5 day "week" of summer vacation.  We sent last week, mom would not pick up.  We sent a letter to our attorney so he could forward to hers so there would be no "misunderstandings"  so DH tells BM I'll pick SD up tomorrow at 3pm.  BM plays dumb, DH tells her for his week.  BM says you didn't notify me.  Ugh yes we did, you should go to the post office and get your mail!  Well you didn't give me 30 days notice.  NO WHERE in our parenting plan does it say we have to give her 30 days notice!!!  Next year we have specific dates, but for now it just says to pick another week different from the one she chose (yes she has her 51 weeks a year and she got to pick her week 1st!)   DH had tickets to GA for the week so SD can meet his family too, now we are out a ton of money and he doesn't get his week.  Oh what a suprise.  Does this ever end?  
Oh and BM has moved yet again without notice.  Tomorrow will be a week nothing no address no phone number.  Which also means DH is also denied his "reasonable contact of 1 phone call per week" Parenting plan says she has to notify in writing within 1 week! (she claims she didn't move yet, SD told us different as did HER mom!)
Again does this ever end?
Does anyone see a pattern?  I see a pattern of BM doing everything that she can to deny visitation without being out and out defiant.  SD is so afraid that we are going to keep her, gee I wonder where she gets that from?...I am just so tired...


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